Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jinx Macabenta

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rob Schneider… (Ooopss, Kidding!) finally dining at The Artist Chef. Jinx is based in Daly City, California---a very talented person, business oriented, and sometimes a clever artist. (Sniff sniff) He is also the son of the famous Greg Macabenta, former Advertising Icon of AMA Publicis way back then. Jinx and I met in 2002 at DDB Makati where we both worked together for SMART Communications and did a lot of projects for SMART Money to be specific. After a short period of time he went back to the US but we’re still in touch and we are still good friends up to now. We often chat with each other thru yahoo and I always make kulit about this business of mine for him to try. Then when he came home last February, he finally tried the intimate dinner.

The table setting waiting for the Macabenta Couple.

The Candles, Petals and Mood…

They are actually celebrating their 11th year anniversary as husband and wife.

With Jinx is his very charming wife Kathy who was already pregnant at that time. The name of their baby will be “VEGAS”. I asked him why Vegas? TRIVIA: They eloped in Vegas, hence the name.

And would you believe that they dined on the 14th? As in February 14. Good thing my boyfriend and I don’t celebrate valentine’s on the day itself. So talagang pinagbigyan kita Jinx! Lucky you :-)

My funny picture together with Jinx and Kathy.

Thanks Jinx for the tip! First ever tip since I started The Artist Chef


kathleen said...

Artist Chef made my valentine celebration the most intimate of all. Her setting was beautiful and romantic. The food is definitely exquisite. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to make an impression and a memorable dinner date. Service beats the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Thank you, Joan.

Joan said...

Thank you so much kathy for dining. I'll post your baby shower soon... :-) Regards!