Wednesday, June 13, 2007

KING ME Lounge

KING ME Lounge is the place where Margarita KING resides. An exclusive private bar in Bel-Air Makati owned by John Francis, a financial broker, distributing liquors on the side and brother of Kathleen Macabenta (The reason for this party). He brought the famous Margarita KING in the Philippines---The hottest drink in Hollywood and product of the well-known Giovanni. This is where my first pica-pica or cocktail's catering took place :-)

Jamie Foxx and Kayne West are both Margarita KING drinkers.

I tasted it, and I'm loving it!

The reason for my catering... Jinx & Kathy's Despedida Party and Baby Shower.

The 6 pica-pica dishes I prepared: Devil Mushroom Bruschettas, Tuna Sisig Bruschettas, Chicken Satay, Beef Kofta Balls with Cheese, Squid-Prawn-Sausage Kebabs, and Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings.

I have a helper who helped me cooked everything and Reggie also helped me in bringing all these stuff to the venue.

Devil Mushroom Bruschettas

Vegas the name of their future baby.

Me & Kathleen Macabenta

With my good friend Jinx and his wife Kathy

And of course the four of us in one souvenir picture together. With Reggie :-)

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