Friday, November 13, 2009

Jamie's American Road Trip

Hey Mates! Shake your booty! =)

Last night I really waited for the premiere episode of Jamie's American Road Trip TV series on Discovery Travel & Living. Well I made it and was able to watch it from the very start 'til the end. Although last night I fell asleep on my couch because I was so tired lately. I am doing Muay Thai 2x a week and I am more on techniques now compared to my cardio and technique classes before. Well I was able to see Jamie says goodbye Fish and Chips and hello to Mac and Cheese. From the Big Ben to Big apple--First destination, New York!

I was surprised about the things that he featured about New York. It's not the typical thing that I would see a celebrity chef would visit. The episode pinched my heart. The main reason is because he featured different immigrants in New York. It started from the Egyptian guy who shared him the Egyptian spice called Dukkau to the guy from Columbia who crossed the border from Mexico to big apple. He is George, devoted in feeding the homeless immigrants every night. Jamie helped him cooked and witnessed the cold night where in they fed numbers of immigrants in Jackson Heights, NY. Another thing that surprised me was the illegal Peruvian restaurant that Jamie visited somewhere in Jackson Heights too. I think he was really amazed with the food and the set up. The first floor is the restaurant and the owner's house upstairs. He helped the owner's aunt do the Ceviche. The area is kinda hidden and Jamie was flabbergasted, he even commented that the place even looks like Lousisiana after typhoon Katrina. But he said what matters is what you put on the plate, and he's right! Another interesting people that he visited were Zorah and Tamara who convene people inside their little New York Apartment whom they called, SUPPER CLUB. Then he also went to a Chinese resto and did some Schezwan noodles. Later on he tasted what he cooked and all he said was "Hohohohoho." Too spicy I guess. To wrap his New York trip he prepared a dinner and invited some NY bloggers and had a dinner menu for them. Then he placed a donation box at the door of his NY apartment to collect some money and give to George the guy who feeds the homeless immigrant every night.

Jamie will also visit Los Angeles, Wyoming, Louisian, Georgia and Arizona. Well I have to see those episodes on the coming Thursdays! It's another sure rock, I bet! Here are some photos from Jamie's American Adventure.

The vintage car, the flag & grocery bag

The Navy guy? or Sailor Man?

The Indian

Fifth little Indian Boy

The Hard Hat Man, Oh yeah!


The COWBOY stare...

The Marlboro classic


Jamie's first episode of American Road Trip was really amazing! He's really an amazing person. I could imagine how lucky those people he met along the way. Too bad not everyone knows Jamie. And for us who know him well, lets be happy with the stamina of this person in cooking and helping other people. Now I am torn if I will pursue my US trip or my Australian trip on Christmas 2010. My mind isn't there yet. But I am looking on both options. My mind is still up high with my London trip on my birthday!

Hadrian Wall or Stonehenge? =)

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Joy said...

Totally Agree!

Mr. PINKMOON said...

Awww. I am proud how you admire Jamie. I should catch him too. I hope :)

Chow and Chatter said...

what a fun blog and such funny pics of Jamie

Joanie said...

Thanks JOY, Pinkmoon & Chow & Chatter!!!

Joanie said...

Thanks JOY, Pinkmoon & Chow & Chatter!!!