Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Jamie Oliver!

May 27 has just arrived again. Another day for me to remember the man I consider GOD in my culinary journey. I will forget to blog on the day of my birthday but never on Jamie Oliver's birthday. This is his first birthday that I would greet him after meeting him in person in London last October. For me he is the noblest human being that has ever existed on this planet, without any exaggeration. Being aware about all his campaigns and good deeds in life in helping people by using his ultimate passion and talent about food, makes me admire him more each day. He has already proven himself that he is more than just this fat chef with a drum kit as what Marco Pierre White has brutally said about him couple of years ago. I would vehemently disagree on that. I would just wish he continue to produce good TV shows, delightful cook books and stunning food campaigns. I also wish he will continue to develop good products through his JME online products.

Behind all these countless activities this man is busy about, at the end of the day --he is a good dad and a loving husband. I think he wouldn't ask for more now that he has a gorgeous wife--Jools, 3 lovely daughters and an adorable son. A very good family man. Never became conceited. In this world, good people are blessed because of their good deeds and Jamie is one of those. He is like a pitcher filled with blessings and what he does is to pour it to other people and share it.

So last night I just watched episodes from Jamie's 30-minute meals and Jamie's at Home. While watching, I made a slow roast pork which I marinated in beer and herbs & spices. I wasn't able to finish roasting it so I don't have photo yet. I only took the photo of my roasted tomato soup which smells and tastes really good. This tomato soup will beat all the tomato soup I have tasted. This soup is a lip-smacking one and the sensation of the herbs and spices are vivid but not overpowering the essence of the mashed roasted tomatoes. The after taste is something you will never forget. A recipe i would recommend to everyone.



• Tomatoes
• Curry powder
• Paprika
• Turmeric
• Cayenne
• Salt & Pepper
• Milk
• Onions
• Marjoram
• Thyme
• Olive oil
• Butter


Preheat oven to 180 degree celsius 10-15 minutes. Wash tomatoes and put it in a baking tray. Drizzle with some olive oil and dash some salt. Reduce the temperature of oven into 150 degrees celsius the put the tomatoes inside the oven. Heat it for 30-40 minutes. When cooked, peel it and mash but leave some chunky texture. Heat casserole with butter then add onions. Saute for few minutes then add the mashed tomatoes. Season with all the herbs and spices and add a bit of milk and water. Simmer until it thickens. Serve with toasted bread.

I dedicate this post to James Trevor Oliver!

Happy Birthday Jamie!! xoxo

big hug,
joanie xxx


Joy said...

Lovely post! I hope Jamie sees it!

RJ said...

I was actually expecting to see a cake, I mean your recipe and a photo of a cake for J. Oliver's birthday... but a cup of soup, instead. My imagination is good, I know your roasted pork was 'beautiful' (this is how Australians describe a good food, right?)!

I don't have a favourite chef, but I love cooking and eating.

Joanie said...

Joy, Jamie Did! He said Thank you on TWITTER :)

RJ, a cake on a birthday is overrated. Maybe this would just seem to be a soup, but a killer one! To die for. It's really good and in my hear Jamie would like it and the way I cook it.

Debbie Martin said...

Oh this is timely but I didn't know it was his birthday last fri. Oh mate I dined at his fifteen melbourne last month at Collins, have u been there? great food I must say :p

Alisa said...

what a great post! Always been a fan of Jamie.The soup looks delicious.

Joanie said...

Hi Debbie, yes I was in Fifteen Melbourne back in 2007. It was my first Jamie experience :)

Hi ALisa thanks for dropping by. Jamie is worth admiring for :)