Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Middle Earth

This poem was written and inspired by the American boy I met in Vietnam. I believe that no matter how big the age distance is, there is something that bridge the gap two stranger.

I was inspired and smitten about a BOY's big love passion about life and the adventures it bring...

Where would you be? Said He.

In a place where humans are less. Said I.

Where you can find friends and make love above the grass. Said I.

Where paths are unfamiliar but will leave you with an awe. Said I.

Where the wood gate welcomes you by. Said He.

Maybe. Said I. Or it could be an arc that may transport us by. Said I. 

In a dimension where the blue meets the green. Said He.

Where we can fly in a cotton-like sky and be mesmerized by the ice. Said I.

Where we can break the ice and kayak with surprise. Said He.

Surprise? Are we? But the surfers can be. Said I.

The surfers and me. With your lovely and mighty beauty. Said He.

Beauty?! I will jump in the lake of lies. Said I.

You'd want to jump in the abundance of middle earth  in its vast peculiarity...
Where textures and patterns are unfathomably real...
But only one thing my dear... 
sheep are many and the Maori are not the majority. Said He.

Of rings and hobbit, we all want to be... in  place called the land of the kiwi. Said I.