Saturday, October 10, 2015

Joanie meets Jamie after 5 Years!

Five years ago I met Jamie in London as one of the most peculiar experience in my life. The article about my experience whom I wrote for his website and my blogsite is still a tangible testimony of a very beautiful encounter with my idol. Who would have imagined and not many will be given the chance to meet there idol twice in an up close encounter.
At the  2015 Sydney Royal Easter Show - my partner brought me there to see his cooking demo. We were lucky enough to get some good seats for us to comfortably see Jamie as he did his demo. And we were also fortunate enough to have a taste of the food that he cooked for everyone who are sitting there as his audience. The rest of the crowd who were standing weren't lucky enough but happy to see him anyway.

 I love Woolworths as a brand and I enjoy doing my grocery in their Double Bay branch where I live a few steps away. I really like this activation that they did that really resonated to me as their target market and as s big fan of Jamie Oliver.

Though it was a good experience, I still feel disconnected to Jamie on that said event. As a fan I yearn to get up close, and since Woolies did not provide that privilege -- I opted to go grab Jamie and took my one helluva chance of having a selfie with him. If I will do a TV commercial about this experience, the storyboard above will be my story.

Hence, what I did may not be good in the point-of-view of his bodyguards but Mr. Oliver was very kind enough to stop and did two selfies with me. My recommendation is for Woolies to make some exclusive photo op next time with backdrop and all -- plus the branding of course! Jamie is a big person and he doesn't come to Australia so often so Woolies as a big brand I reckon they can afford to make something like that. Or at least their now Ad agency Saatchi will make good ideas than Leo Burnett.

Oh well... this is it for now, can't wait to write my story about Tim Cahill and the event I attended at GLUE store, an Australian brand that Timmy has his own personal line.

big hug
joanie xxx