Sunday, July 18, 2010

Matcha Jelly with Chocolate Worm Pudding

Just got back from my Singapore trip catching up with good friends. I just remember that I haven't posted this exhilarating dessert recipe I did couple of weeks ago. I just concocted this based on the emotional truth that I was analyzing recently. I love analogies so this is the food that I think would best embody about my thoughts below:

"Bitter endings.
Sweet beginnings..."

There are a lot of things that is definite about life and one thing I am sure a lot of people have already experienced-- is getting hurt. They say you should experience defeat first so when you experience victory it is really triumphant. And same with the saying that we have to experience pains before the pleasures. It's also good to climb a mountain to get on the top than just riding a helicopter and go there. In short we should know first the bad side of the coin before looking at the good side so we can appreciate life better.

One thing that I am grateful for about my life is having experienced getting hurt tremendously and was able to bounce back in grand fashion. Fate has been good to me and it has shown me the bad side of the coin before lingering to the good side. Sometimes I often look back at my defeats, pains and how I climb my own mountain--it makes me smile and tell myself there's no sweeter beginning without experiencing a bitter ending.

One has to put period on the bitterness life has given you. You may call it misfortune or bad luck or whatever you call it but by closing a chapter and ending a cycle marks the beginning of one's joyful life. It took a while for me to feel this way but I can smile now and feel light and tell myself for the nth times that I am really ready for the world. It gave me a lot of signs already to finally have my own sweet beginning...

"It's about time, as everyone says!"



• Matcha Powder
• Caramel Pudding Cream
• Plain Gelatin
• Milk / Sugar
• Vanilla Syrup
• Lime or Lemon
• Chocolate Chips
• Butter (of course)


Dilute matcha powder on a hot water then add milk, gelatin powder, sugar, lime and vanilla syrup. Stir constantly until smooth. Place it on a ramekin or small plain glass. Let it cool. Prepare the pan and heat it with medium temperature. Melt butter along with the chocolate chips then add milk and Caramel pudding cream. Let everything melt and stir until it thickens. When the matcha jelly is hard and ready you can put the chocolate mixture. Chill and serve cold.

Hope you like this... Have a good week mates! :D

joanie xxx


Unknown said...

That sweet beginning sounds good! I need to learn about matcha powder! I am off to google!
Best Wishes

♥peachkins♥ said...


The Peach Kitchen
peach and things
blowing peachkisses

Joanie said...

For sure Mama Joy you will find it in Asian Market in Melby or a Japanese store. It's green tea powder :)

Anonymous said...

Love the flavour combo! Bookmarked :)

MATCHA said...

Learn more about matcha. Spellec s macha, maccha...

Anonymous said...

this green tea powder is also used
for green tea ice cream....delicious!

Joanie said...

Thanks Ellie :D

Merry Makes.. said...

I had never heard of 'matcha' before so had to google it immediately. Can you tell me if it has a distinctive taste? thanks :)

Joanie said...

Matcha has of course a distinctive taste of green tea... there's matcha gelato and other exciting desserts I know of. Try it creates excitement on your dessert :)

Anonymous said...

it looks yummy and I'd like to try and make it. Could you please include the proportion of the ingredients?