Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Condo Central July 2007, The Artist Chef Inside...

A full spread article and photos featuring yours truly and Mariel Lorenzo as the author. Double click on the image to read the full article.

Published photo of Nadia Camit-Upton and Graham Upton.

With the Condo Central Team
Editor: Carlomar Doana, writer and photographer.

Souvenir photo.


Anonymous said...

Is that you in the magazine? :) Congratulations!

Joanie said...

hi joey :-)
yep that's me. It's the second time since COOK magazine last year. I was also featured in FILIPINAS Magazine in California, USA this July issue.

I really have this feeling couscous can be found in santi's or rustans but I never asked for it. hehe! Thanks, joey!

angel said...

GREAT joan!!! word is DEFINITELY getting around about you. happy for you. :)

nako, dapat i-double time ko na paghahanap ng isasama ko when i eat there... haha. birthday ko. :p

Joanie said...

surely angel.
i will definitely give you one sunday for december.

careerin! hanap na ng date.

lisa_d said...

What an article! Congrats! Looks wonderful, I'll have to go out and buy it so I can read it asap!

Deirdre G
condo manila

Joanie said...

Hi Deirdre!

Im afraid you may not be able to buy the magazine at this year and date because this was published 3 years ago... :)