Saturday, October 25, 2008

Strawberry Chocolate Oatmeal

Strawberry is my all time favorite fruit. I miss having fresh one. So I decided to buy the strawberries in can in a local grocery. This diet is my way to avoid constipation. Instead of having the typical oatmeal, I made it like a champorado. My Apo Angelina used to serve the best champorado for breakfast. How I miss all the food that she cooked. I am proud to be kapampangan because of the cooking legacy I think I inherited from her. And for the strawberries I miss, it's always from La Trinidad. :-)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jo-An Chan

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Solo Con Tu Pareja

Last night my officemate Gabby asked me if I really love watching Spanish films because he saw me catching Pelikula in Greenbelt 3 two saturdays ago. He surprised me today because he brought me a DVD and lent it so I can watch the film. He told me that this film is very nice and it's a romantic comedy. Well let me find out after watching it over the weekend.

This movie is from the director of Y Tu Mama Tambien, Alfonso Cuaron. This delightful, frank look at sex and manners among Mexico's middle class follows a suave Casanova named Tomas Tomas (Daniel Gimenez Cacho), who seduces one gorgeous woman after another, never allowing himself to become entangled with any of them. A Don Juan-ish type of story in short.

Exciting weekend is coming. Especially now that I have this Eureka moment. I wish I felt this already months ago.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Crepe de Chine

Another Saturday of eating good food came my way when I went to Binondo and visited Crepe de Chine. Situated along Juan Luna St., it stands out in the clutter of typical Chinese restaurants. When I entered the place, I immediately noticed the French country design theme. The huge mural painted by Alfred Galvez was very eye-catching. A few minutes after, I met David Sy–owner of the restaurant. He told me that it’s been two years since they opened. As he told me how they started the business and how they took the risk of putting up the restaurant, the different pastas and crepes were served.

They served most of the dishes I saw on their menu. They actually have a wide variety of choices. I know it’s a fusion of Chinese and other cuisines like Filipino. Diana Sy, who is also the owner and the manager, concocted all the recipes. For me, the CDC Crepe salad is my favorite among all the dishes they served. The crunchiness and the freshness of the veggies inside the crepe made the CDC a champion! No wonder it’s their best seller. I also like their unique pizza crepe, so I think the people should not miss that when they visit Crepe de Chine. The owner’s creativity with the Adobo crepe is very fascinating! Though I told the owner that my suggestion for this crepe is to change the pork to chicken. I think it will complement the crepe better. I also suggested that since the restaurant is more like a fusion of different cuisines, they may want to try kebabs or Mediterranean gyros on their crepe. The Mexican crepe is also a winner! The distinct dressing made it so Mexican. So if you are a lover of Mexican dishes, better not miss that. And lastly, they also have different pastas and the one I tried was their Pesto which was served with bread on the side. Again I couldn’t help but make another suggestion. Since their restaurant idea is crepe, why not serve their pastas with crepe on the side instead of bread? You know, like pita bread. Anyway, I think I gave David too many suggestions already. And he got it from me for free! Hehe! But David was very nice and accommodating so I want to thank him for inviting me there. It was thru Apple, his PR person, that made all the arrangements possible.

It was indeed a good afternoon of savoring sumptuous crepe dishes and meeting new people. The location of Crepe de Chine is in the Binondo area so whenever you visit 168, Tutuban or Divisoria–don’t forget to visit this restaurant. The Artist Chef only suggests places she has already tried herself. This is one restaurant that I hope you will also try for yourself soon.  :-)

Crepe de Chine is located at Lower Ground 2 World Trade Exchange
215 Juan Luna St. ( near State Center and Binondo Church ), Binondo, Manila

Open Monday to Friday from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm
Tel no: (02) 244-2270