Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Solo Con Tu Pareja

Last night my officemate Gabby asked me if I really love watching Spanish films because he saw me catching Pelikula in Greenbelt 3 two saturdays ago. He surprised me today because he brought me a DVD and lent it so I can watch the film. He told me that this film is very nice and it's a romantic comedy. Well let me find out after watching it over the weekend.

This movie is from the director of Y Tu Mama Tambien, Alfonso Cuaron. This delightful, frank look at sex and manners among Mexico's middle class follows a suave Casanova named Tomas Tomas (Daniel Gimenez Cacho), who seduces one gorgeous woman after another, never allowing himself to become entangled with any of them. A Don Juan-ish type of story in short.

Exciting weekend is coming. Especially now that I have this Eureka moment. I wish I felt this already months ago.


RJ said...

You seem to be very busy during weekdays, if I were you I can't wait watching that movie until weekend!

Have you watched the movie Love in the Time of Cholera, already? Hahaha! I decided to buy the book after reading your post about it.

Joan said...

im finishing the book first. i was watching oprah last night and the book was one of oprah's top choices. the movie is also nice, i think. will let u know.

as per this DVD can't wait 'til tomorrow!!!