• Radical Swirls (VIETNAM)

Amidst the hurdles & stitches of life, she is one helluva dear fighter and doesn't know the game of quitting.
(SOLD) under the custody of Hoan Nguyen Thi Thanh

She's a unique creature. She has her kingdom. She loves to rule it in spite of lacking species.

She can never define what a real long hair dictionary can offer but she can give a meaningful journey to one's life...
(SOLD) under the custody of Paolo & Kate Garcia

She's a slow eater but a fast learner. She had 8 years of bad luck and now those things ended. She's now in a better place swamping over her blessings in life.
(SOLD) under the custody of Vietnamese Business Man

She's the sister of Kikay mermaid and she's still swimming over the ocean of life finding if the myth about Siokoys still exists...

Her claws and fangs are her weapons. Just beware of this predator and don't dare attempt to step on her territory. She has her own issues about her possessions...

As Lennon's song says, he came from nowhere land and making his nowhere plan for no body. He doesn't have a point of view, doesn't know where he's going to... Nowhereman never listens...
(SOLD) under the custody of Ms. Liza Caleda

Venus Raj didn't win but every Filipina has their own piece of sweet victory. Mine is as sweet as my Royce chocolates :)
(SOLD) under the custody of Helen Holani

"PHO 2010" @ $220 USD
My Vietnam life is just like their noodles. Simple, laid-back, old fashioned, bland & humble. Nevertheless, I love the unique charm Saigon life has to offer :-)

"CAFE XUDA" @ $180 USD
Isn't it ironic? I am not a coffee person but I am here in a coffee nation. I begin to appreciate the Vietnamese culture and life when I changed my perspective and looked at it from a top view...

Pre-event pictorial courtesy of Tuong Tran

Practicing my speech...

with Yeng Reyes from Philippines

with Hui Woon from Malaysia

Philippe Le Maitre (from Belgium) with his Aussie Bandmates

with Aneleen, Kirsten & Daphne (Belgian Girls)

French & Filipinos in the house!


The epic speech of the night

Mr. Trumpet Guy from France!

Anneleen Erlingen from Belgium is my closest friend and host

Liza Caleda from Philippines bought one painting!

with Mon Pineda, Marvin & Duday Dancel from Philippines

Lem and Lia Aquino 

with Oji Valencia and Erika Valera

with Mr. and Mrs. Paolo Garcia

Chinese + French with Xie Hao and Alexis dela Fouchardiere from France

with Xie Hao from Mainland China

with the Girls: Lia, Ivy & Yeng from Philippines

Belgian and French crowd

Oliver Salazar - My friend and Photographer for the night!

Adrian Ammendola from Melbourne

with the trumpet man and now a good friend of mine...

with Mariano Agostini from France

What a lovely evening of good music, beer + pizza and good art. Few paintings were sold. Not bad for  an opening night. My unsold paintings are currently displayed at Geisha Cafe in Pasteur st. where I work as a weekend chef. I plan to do another one before I leave Saigon. I would also like to thank my Vietnamese, Danish, Russian and English friends who came over but wasn't captured in the photos.

Thanks everyone for the support until next time!

big hug,
joanie  xxx