Monday, June 21, 2010

Squid & Octopus Barbies!

I woke up late on a Sunday morning and that was probably around 11 am. Still had my fresh & vivid memory about the draw game between Australia and Ghana. It was nice catching it live in a pub called Tavern near my apartment with my good Aussie friend Mr. Ashley. Two bottles of beer nice conversation and the mathematical hope for the Socceroos to still make it in the finals. Though last night the Kiwi had a draw game against the Italians that made me lose my hope for the Aussies to at least make it in the finals. It seems I am going to cheer for Rory Fallon instead of Tim Cahill :-(

Around 12 noon I just realized it was Father's Day so I gave a heads up to my neighbor friends in Sky Garden. Oji and Eka came to my house with fresh Dory Fish, Mini Tilapia, Pork Chops & Octopus. I brought out my chicken, squid, veggies and griller then we were instantly ready for a Sunday Lunch Barbecues! I began marinading the meat at around 1pm then made some sauces and salad. The 2 liter COKE brought by Ivy was really the icing on the cake!

We began to savor the barbies that were really to die for because it's soft and tender for the pork and chook. Then the squids were not chewy or rubbery at all. That's the good thing about it, you can bite them easily. What a wonderful lunch that made us all bloated and said nothing but burp! burp! burp! LOL! After a while I brought out the Peach Cake Pudding that has been in my fridge for a week. Not bad, still good because it was frozen since then.

We finished all the eating around 4pm. I told them it's time for an English Tea! So I brought out the Harrods Kiwi and Strawberry fruit Tea for everyone to taste. We are all calmed and relaxed after the tea then we decided to watch a dvd that lasted 'til 630 pm and we ended around 7pm. Then shortly after I ran to the salon and got some pedicure. My feet were happy again then headed back home and ate my Bacon and Cheese with Pandesal while watching the Kiwi fight against the Italians.



• Squid & Octopus
• Lemon
• Salt & Pepper
• Cumin / Paprika
• Curry Powder / Turmeric
• Butter (of course)

This is very simple marination for an ideal Sunday barbecues! Just ready your fresh octopus and squid then squeeze in some lemon. Rub it with salt and pepper then add cumin, paprika, curry powder and turmeric. Ready your griller and put some flame then brush it with butter. Place in your meat on top of the griller and grill one side for like 6 minutes. Flip the other side and grill it for 4 minutes then it's done. Mine, I served it with my ever favorite capsicum fried rice!

Happy Father's Day Mates! :D

joanie xxx

Friday, June 18, 2010

Daddy in Ho Chi Minh City!

Town Hall of Ho Chi Minh City along Nguyen Hue & Le Than Ton

Tuscan Style office inside the Zoo at Nuyen Bien Kiem

Lake and Bench at the Zoo at Nguyen Bien Kiem

Female Statues at The Saigon Opera House

Chinese Temple at the Zoo in Nguyen Bien Kiem

Paintings at Paragon Mall

Nice Shop at Paragon Mall

Acoustic Night at YEN Cafe in District 3

Newly opened Yogen Fruz branch in Phu My Hung

The Famous Fanny Ice Cream in Thon That Tiep

Adidas World Cup Mascot at Parkson's Mall

Notre Dame de Saigon along Le Duan and Nguyen Du

Last March 8 Dad arrived in Ho Chi Minh for one and half months of vacation and obligation at the same time. I was scheduled for my surgery last March 17, so he was the one who was by my side during the operation and my 4 days and 4 nights stay in the hospital. He was with me also during my recuperating period. So when I was feeling okay, I tried to tour Dad to some of the city's hot spots and restos. Most of the time we were together or we were with my good friends here in Saigon. There are almost a thousand pictures Dad brought home after his vacation. Hope he did enjoy his trip to the quaint city of motorbike.

Father's day is almost here, and I guess almost everyone around the globe will celebrate this wonderful occasion. I recently watched the movie "Everybody's Fine" it's the type of movie that will pinch your heart. Seeing Robert De Niro growing old and being away from his kids is something that really happens in real life. And we must admit that we give lesser time to our parents because we are busy with our daily routines. The movie also captured the reality that sometimes kids cover the ugly truth from their parents most specially the imperfections of life. Most of us do not want to disappoint our parents so we keep things from them.

The last scene and dialogue of Robert De Niro in the movie caught my attention. He said something like this: "Your children may not grow the way you want them to be, but what's always important is...everybody's fine." Then the movie ended that one of his daughters is a lesbian and a single mother at the same time, then another daughter is separated but now with a new partner, then a son that claims to be a musical conductor but just a drummer and lastly the son who died as a drug addict and a painter. Life isn't perfect and it will never be. As long as everybody's fine...yeah life goes on and we should find happiness on what we have and deal with it.

See you on Sunday for my Father's day FOOD blog :D

joanie xxx

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

AUS vs GER Higlight: Tim Cahill's Red card

Socceroos cheer leaders in unison :D

Germany's flaming hot supporters!

The Australian Socceroos
Left to right: 19-Michael Garcia (MF) 1-Mark Schwarzer (GK) 3- Craig Moore (DF) 13-Vince Grella (MF) 11-Scott Chipperfield (DF) 7-Brett Emerton (MF) 4-Tim Cahill (MF) 2-Lucas Neill (DF - Captain) 16-Carl Valeri (MF) 5-Jason Culina (MF) 8-Luke Wilkshire (DF)

Polish-German striker Miroslav Klose

The yellow & red card for Tim Cahill

Italian referee Roberto Rossetti

Cahill was suspended for the game against Ghana

Disapponted fans of the socceroos after the humiliating 4-0 in favor of the Germans!

World Cup: Germany VS Australia 3-0

Last January 20 I was very excited to join my friends for the FIFA trophy tour here in Vietnam. I couldn't believe that it was six months already since then. Cut to the present time, yesterday night I was wide awake 'til 1:30 in the morning to watch the World Cup which is my most anticipated game between Australia and Germany.

Although everyone knows that Australia is the underdog and Germany is the domineering team, I didn't lose hope. Who knows... a miracle might happen. Australia's wonder boy, Tim Cahill might repeat his magical goals during the finals against Japan. I was ready to watch the game but prior to that I was chatting to my friend who's in Germany with her German football player boyfriend and he predicted a 3-0 game. They we're saying thumbs down to Australia and I was saying BOOH Germany!

So the game started. Slow moving at the start until Germany started to maneuver the game by acquiring their first goal scored by Podolski. Staying calm and I was telling my self, that's fine there's more time left. Then Klose, Muller & Cacau, succeeded the goals. I saw the intensity or the quick foot moves of the Germans. The Roos were left behind and having a hard time catching up. Their ball possessions were lesser and I felt the frustration of Lucas Neill during the ball game. Then the fall of the Australians for me was when Tim Cahill got the Red Card when the score was 2-0. I think that was it. Then the game finished at 4-0. The Hitler's country won!

Some says that some of the ROOS are old, nah. It's not about that. Maybe the composure of the Australians is not that solid yet. Still a long road for them to be really good in football. Game was kinda disappointing because I was hoping for at least a draw game in the beginning. But when I saw how they struggled, I just wish that they would have a score at least. But anyway it's still worth it to still see my team playing for FIFA.

The whole globe is raving for the world cup except for Philippines. But that fact didn't stop me to pursue my enthusiasm watching football and cheering for my team, which is the Australian Socceroos!

Let's wave the Australian flag again against Ghana & Serbia!

joanie xxx

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Kidney Beans Kon Karne (KKK)

It's a good rainy afternoon here in Saigon. After months of tremendous heat, we are already getting some drizzles of liquid on the coal streets of Ho Chi Minh City. The rain signifies the end of summer and marks the beginning of the month of June. Rainy season is coming our way and it's the weather of the year that I like the most. As I glance on a window pane while the drops of rain drip, I feel the warm comfort of the delightful season that I always look forward.

June is also the bridal month and the month of Philippine independence. Just wanted to share to you guys this recipe that I rarely cook. This is a liberating dish that will defeat all the Chili Con Karne you've ever known. It can be served with Nachos or with Crackers. It's also best to match it with pasta or rice then you can bake it to have a perfect dish!

Crackers with Cucumber, Cream Cheese & topped with Cherry Tomatoes. One thing I learned from my mentor Julie Lingan is to how to prepare this bite size pica-pica!



• Australian ground beef
• Red and Green Capsicums
• Diced Tomatoes
• Tomato Sauce
• Kidney Beans
• Garlic and Onions
• Paprika / Cayenne Pepper
• Cumin / Lemon Grass Powder
• Salt & Pepper
• Olive Oil
• Butter (of course)


Heat casserole in medium temperature. Add butter and mix it with olive oil. Add garlic and onion then saute 'til golden brown. Add the ground beef and allow it to cook then add next the capsicums and tomatoes. Add all the condiments and mix it together until the spices infused in the beef, tomatoes & capsicums. Add the tomato sauce and simmer it for 8-12 minutes. Add some more Olive oil if you want extra brilliance on your dish. Simmer it again for 5 minutes until it cooks. Then serve it with Nachos, Crackers or Bread. Another serving suggestion is to put it in pasta or rice then top it with mozzarella cheese and bake it.

Sounds delish isn't it? Go try it yourself and enjoy :D

joanie xxx