Thursday, July 30, 2009

Paolo Mendoza

There are three more couples that I need to post very soon. It took me a while to fix a lot of things about my life and career but after I post all the customers I had last year, I will post my first Artist Chef stint here in Saigon. Will definitely keep you posted.

Thanks Paolo for giving me my favorite cake---The Mango Torte from Dulcelin. But I love the Tony Cuerva better if I have a choice :p But seriously, most of my customers are very sweet. They do love me that's why I love them also in return. Actually this is not the first time for me to receive a present from my customers and I just want everyone to know that I am happy and thankful for that. I am also grateful with all the customers I had through the years. I know I'll be having more of them soon here in Ho Chi Minh City :-)

joanie xxx

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bastille Day

Le Quatorze Juillet - Fete de la Federation

Today is a bad day for me. That's what my Vitenamese officemate told me when we chatted on Facebook a few minutes ago. Why a bad day? Because today my condo had a temporary water disconnection and doesn't have a water supply for few hours. So how can I go to the office without taking a shower or brushing my teeth. Then few minutes later, I was reminded that I still have the keys of my old apartment. I hurriedly went there to take a quick shower. Then when I arrived in the office I found out that I don't have my celfone in my bag. I just assumed I left it in my condo. I was wrong, I actually left it in the cab this morning. I asked my Vietnamese officemate to call my celfone, then she said that somebody answered the fone. It was the driver who kept it and will give it back asap. Well thank God the driver is kind. Things get fucked up but I noticed that the situation find its way to fix things at the same time. Without forcing the situation, good things work on its own. Although history wise, this day screwed up my life but I am very thankful that after a year here I am rising up and learning to stand with heads up. Like my favorite saint, St. Joan of Arc who is also one of the heroes of France---I faced adversity with courage and a thankful heart. Today things fucked up in someways but I am with the French people in celebrating their Independence day!

I am writing this post because I am a not just a great fan of France, but I am a lover of French films, desserts, foods, wines, cheeses, macaroons, friands and mustards. This post is just my way to be with them in commemorating their freedom. I feel them. After realizing that I am actually working in a country that was greatly influenced by French culture. That fact delights me each day and makes me appreciate the Vietnamese root more. As I appreciate their culture, I one day found out that their language is a mix of Chinese and French tone. Sounds complicated but everyday I try to speak some of the words I learned so that I can communicate with the locals. Experiencing my day-to-day life here in Saigon with the strong presence of French architecture and French baguette (which they call here as Banh Mi) reminds me about the good things that French people left for this country.

Artist Chef's Fried Tofu and Stewed Papaya Relish with French Sausage Tidbits

Artist Chef's Curried Sweet Vietnamese Mango with Coconut Ice Cream

Photos above are some of the few dishes I concocted lately for The Artist Chef intimate dinner. It started last Saturday here in Saigon. I hope the situations in my life will cooperate as I pursue my dreams and as I create a new threshold to diversify my passion. I hope people will support me as I make my first step in globalizing The Artist Chef concept. I am looking forward the day that our world will embrace the idea of the internet's one and only Artist Chef.

Happy Bastille Day!!!

joanie xxx

Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy Feast Day!

It's been two months already since I arrived here in Saigon. My two months were not just about work but also about my cooking saga. I cook almost everyday and will usually go in the supermarket every weekend. It's pretty much rewarding to feed people and meet their satisfaction. I think I cooked dinner feast around four times. And one of those is cooking for some Aussie mates!

The Grilled Peppered-Paprika-Pork with Legumes

The Sagada Fried Rice that never fails to amaze hundreds of stomach

The dinner table awaits the guests. Mango & Shrimp Medley, Fusilli Pomodoro & Strawberry with Dark Chocolate awaits the grilled herb Moroccan Chicken!

Angel with Marcus & Adrian

Our Aussie guests, Marcus & Adrian. They are Angel's colleagues from her office. I'm a bit sad that my housemate will soon fly back to Manila to wait for her visa for another job. On the other hand I am glad because she introduced me to Marcus so I can have my future customer for the Artist Chef Saigon style. I am also happy to have known someone like Adrian, who helped us moved our stuffs out of the house without any reproach. And for his unexpected company in watching a teenybopper movie with me and Angel. Hope we can run soon around Phu My Hung. I am aiming for 5-10 kilometer run every weekend. But first of all I have to buy a new running shoes.

Joanie with Marcus & Adrian Ammendola

There are more dinner feasts to come for me to blog. I promise to blog more as often as I can. There's so much stories to share and needs to be written soon. I hope to find enough time for all those things. Like what I always tell to my Facebook fellas, Manila is just a keyboard away.

Warm hugs to all the ManileƱos who are experiencing a lot of bed weather :-)

joanie xxx