Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Melbourne in Saigon!

How are you doing bloody readers?

I am glad that things are going well for me lately. I had my Dance party last weekend and Sunday dinner with my friends. Both went well. But what's exciting last weekend was when I got some of my favorite things which I placed in one basket. They are capsicums, lemons, limes & onions! I was truly delighted to put them all together because the colors are very lovely. I hurriedly grabbed my camera and took a photo of these smiling friends I got in my basket. It reminded me of my one exciting market day in Melbourne. I visited Queen Victoria Market and saw my capsicum and aubergine friends all smiling at me along with the cherry tomatoes. They are lovely creatures and they all made my dishes wonderful and exciting. They are my little Melbourne on my table.

I want to go back to Melbourne very soon. Perhaps I miss Queen Victoria. There are little things in my life that constantly reminds me to keep on going and hold on for one more day. I'd like to believe that dreams do happen and if you continue to be positive about it, it will come... in due time. Looking forward embracing my Australian dream.

Someone from Queensland told me why I never say hi to them, well I am going to do it now...

Hi to all the Banana benders down under!!!

joanie xxx

Monday, March 08, 2010

Women's Day in Vietnam!

Xin Chao to all Chi oi's and Em oi's in Vietnam, all the dudettes in Oz, in my home town and all the babes in the world! Today is Women's day here in Vietnam. This is a big event and very much celebrated by the entire nation. Today the men here in the office made me feel like I am a WOMAN! A woman that deserves to be appreciated and deserves to be complimented. They gave me a box of chocolate and a basket of flowers--that made wear a big smile on my face. They gave me my weakness--and I guess all the women in the world have the same weakness as mine.

All my female friends just texted me and greeted me on this day. But surprisingly someone has to make a silly comment first about this special event before greeting me. The day didn't end and my good Aussie friend didn't fail to greet me. Well "whatever" happens, I still owe him my big thanks!

Well to all women out there, we shouldn't forget to be confident about yourself, to make yourself beautiful and make others see how smart and brave you are despite adversity and failures. Because when we fall, the day will come that we will stand again and will face life in a better perspective...

joanie xxx

Sunday, March 07, 2010

2/3 The Artist Chef Manila

It's very funny that I have forgotten the name of this couple again. I think I also forgot the name of the couples of the last customers I posted. One more couple and I am done posting my Manila customers! I am so sorry for taking so long posting these photos. Too many activities going on here n Saigon. Maybe by April I can finally post my very first customers here in Saigon. My good friend Angel was the first to experience my intimate dinner Saigon style. I am also excited because Sunday next week I'll be in the heat of the kitchen cooking Italian set meal for my third couple customers. They are Belgian and can't wait to do it for them in my huge Saigon veranda this time!

Italian set meal is the most favorite set meal in Manila. Aside from Spanish, Thai, American, Mediterranean & Mexican. I look forward cooking sumptuous dishes for local & foreign customers here in Saigon!

Ciao everyone!

joanie xxx

Monday, March 01, 2010

Vietnam Jungle Trekking

(With my trainers, FX Lealdela Torre & David Minetti)

Xin Chao Vietnam!

It's the first day of March and I am already in my 1oth month here in Saigon. I haven't really been around that much to maximize the beauty of Vietnam. But last January I decided to join some jungle adventure with the K1 Fitness - Minetti team. With us is the owner and trainers from my Muay Thai class. We headed at Tac Mai Rapid, Tran Phu Forest---about two and half hours away from Ho Chi Minh City. I also brought in some Filipino friends to share this fun adventure!

(Filipino Friends with Tom Meyer)

(The hammock at the base camp)

We started our first day with a 7km trekking at the jungle. That was a very easy level but some of my Filipino friends find it a bit hard. They told me that they do not exercise the way I do. My Muay training helped me to be agile and tenacious with whatever physical activities ahead of me. So my trainers were proud of me how I progress each day.

This adventure was really fun for several reasons. Aside from the 2 day trekking activities that we did, we also had time to swim on the river and played volleyball using a the ball of football. That caused me few bruises on my arms. But that was fun. The stone in the river was slippery and the rapids were very fast that somehow scared me but eventually I felt alright. During the night we had some barbecues, wine, beer & smoke. We slept at a duplex cottage and had our shower in a small wooden bathroom with tarpauline as the wall. It was very back to basic but indeed was very fun too. The rest of the K1 team slept in the tent and other cottages. It was also nice to have slept on a hammock once again.

(FX Lealdela Torre at the river)

(Alvaro Lealdela Torre at the river)

(The owner of K1 Fitness Center Saigon - David Minetti)

(The complete cast)

Everything that happened in the trekking was a brand new experience to me and to the Filipino friends I brought. I want to do it once more, maybe soon after I recovered from my surgery. I procrastinated a lot of weekends lately and made me realized that I missed a lot of exciting places I should visit while I am here in Vietnam.

Until next time, Anh oi, Chi oi and Em oi.. Tambiet!!!

joanie xxx