Sunday, March 07, 2010

2/3 The Artist Chef Manila

It's very funny that I have forgotten the name of this couple again. I think I also forgot the name of the couples of the last customers I posted. One more couple and I am done posting my Manila customers! I am so sorry for taking so long posting these photos. Too many activities going on here n Saigon. Maybe by April I can finally post my very first customers here in Saigon. My good friend Angel was the first to experience my intimate dinner Saigon style. I am also excited because Sunday next week I'll be in the heat of the kitchen cooking Italian set meal for my third couple customers. They are Belgian and can't wait to do it for them in my huge Saigon veranda this time!

Italian set meal is the most favorite set meal in Manila. Aside from Spanish, Thai, American, Mediterranean & Mexican. I look forward cooking sumptuous dishes for local & foreign customers here in Saigon!

Ciao everyone!

joanie xxx


Joy said...

You are a world cook I think!

Joanie said...

Whoah Thanks JOY!!!! That gave me a big smile on my face :P

K.L.Y.N said...

Hi, my partner and I also wants to have the artist chef experience? Do you still accept reservations here in Manila? Any mobile or landline numbers that I can contact? Thanks a bunch and looking forward to seeing you cook for us. :)

Joanie said...


I don't have permanent Manila number, but I do have my Vietnam number in the banner of this blog page. I am not sure if I can do it in Manila by Aug 2010. But you are welcome for 20% discount if you go here in Vietnam :)

ryan carlo said...

hi do you accept reservations in manila by February 16?