Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Melbourne in Saigon!

How are you doing bloody readers?

I am glad that things are going well for me lately. I had my Dance party last weekend and Sunday dinner with my friends. Both went well. But what's exciting last weekend was when I got some of my favorite things which I placed in one basket. They are capsicums, lemons, limes & onions! I was truly delighted to put them all together because the colors are very lovely. I hurriedly grabbed my camera and took a photo of these smiling friends I got in my basket. It reminded me of my one exciting market day in Melbourne. I visited Queen Victoria Market and saw my capsicum and aubergine friends all smiling at me along with the cherry tomatoes. They are lovely creatures and they all made my dishes wonderful and exciting. They are my little Melbourne on my table.

I want to go back to Melbourne very soon. Perhaps I miss Queen Victoria. There are little things in my life that constantly reminds me to keep on going and hold on for one more day. I'd like to believe that dreams do happen and if you continue to be positive about it, it will come... in due time. Looking forward embracing my Australian dream.

Someone from Queensland told me why I never say hi to them, well I am going to do it now...

Hi to all the Banana benders down under!!!

joanie xxx


Joy said...

Hi Joanie, you are even making me miss being at the QV Market!

Joanie said...

Thank you so much for visiting every post I got. You are on of those good people from Melbourne! :)

angel said...

awww. you miss me! im looking forward to picking you up from the airport! hopefully its sometime soon. :) miss you heaps roomie. :) love you!

Joanie said...

Hi Angel!
mag-dilang anghel ka sana. I'd be happy to land in Melby once more! And would u share a room again? :p

Anonymous said...

greetings from melby, dudette!
from your smiling friends-
capsicum, lemon,eggplant and

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hi joan from the philippines!
i noticed that whenever you write
about people, you emphasize what
nationality they are. does it
matter a lot to you whether they
are belgian, italian, australian
or filipino? geeeze..who cares?

Joanie said...

Hi to pleasant anonymous people who are making comments here :)

And to you anonymous, who doesn't care... you don't need to read my blog. I don't emphasize on nationality, but sometimes I have to mention because my service is getting global and I have to tell who are the people availing it. And I CARE about it!

Good day & God Bless :)

Ibyang said...

awww i miss Melbourne too! :)

Anonymous said...

hello from the banana benders
down under!!! do you have recipes
for breakie and lunchie? dontya