Monday, March 10, 2008

YUMMY - February Issue

This is the January-February issue of YUMMY Magazine where The Artist Chef was featured. This is my favorite local food magazine because it features a lot of recipes in every issue. The layout is also simple and dynamic, although photography and food-styling can still be improved. Nothing compares to my favorite Australian and British food magazine, DELICIOUS. Jamie Oliver also contributes recipes and articles to that magazine.

At the "Weekend Cooking" segment of the magazine, they gave me 3 pages to showcase 5 of my original recipes.

At David Hanson's studio in New Manila, Q.C. where the photo shoot took place and with David himself as the photographer.

Ms. Sharlene Tan is from SUMMIT media and she's the Asst. Editor of YUMMY Magazine. She helped me with the food styling.
Behind the scenes of the food preparation. Photos by Reggie.

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