Friday, March 28, 2008

Yumi Castrillo

The lady behind the yummy piece of cake, Yumi Castrillo along with her husband Carlo dined at The Artist Chef table. I met Yumi because I ordered cupcakes from her for my special Christmas dinner last December. She provided me 6 boxes of cupcakes for the 6 couples I had for that special month. Because she wanted to dine, she asked me not to pay the 6 boxes of cupcakes which cost P900. She asked me to deduct it instead from the cost of the intimate dinner. So we settled everything and Yumi came to my place with a bottle of wine which they consumed during the dinner. Her husband Carlo works as an IT at UNILAB and Yumi on the other hand is a lawyer with a huge passion for baking. Just like me; Aside from our day jobs, we both have an outlet for our talent and creativity.

I was wearing my apron from Australia because I cooked grilled pork chops and wine bernaise gravy.

1 comment:

Grace said...

Artist Chef, is this the lawyer selling cupcakes?

Masarap ba yung cupcakes nya?
My cousin told me it's sooo petite and the taste is just ok. Nothing special. Pls. enlighten me, I wanted to try it for my wedding as souvenir sana.