Saturday, March 08, 2008

Rachelle Valera

Another cheerful couple dining at The Artist Chef table, and they are no other than Rachelle Valera and her shy boyfriend. Rache is an Account Executive in a small ad agency called Magnum while her boyfriend is a Sales person from NISSIN-MONDE. She found out about my intimate dinner through her friend Gino de Guzman who became my customer last year. Gino and his girlfriend Amy were in deed one of my favorite customers. The violin thing that Gino made an effort to bring to my place made his dining experience truly a memorable one. On the other hand Rache and her boyfriend became bubbly and cheerful before their dinner ended. The dinner was Rache's surprise for her boyfriend's birthday and she had to steal some time from her boyfriend's busy work sked.

The wine and the chocolate fondue made every dinner more romantic.

Another happy Italian set meal.


anton said...

ganda ng top mo here ah. ;)

Joan said...


HK pasalubong mo yan e...
sa uulitin ah... :-)

rach said...

Yay! Thanks Joan! Been waiting for this! :-D

Pa-post sa Multiply ko ha.


Joan said...

sure no prob rache
... :-)