Thursday, April 01, 2010

YUMMY - August 2009

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS to all foolish creatures :)

As we enter the month of April which is my favorite month of the year, my heart can't help but beats faster and faster. I wouldn't deny the reason and it's simply because it's my birthday month. Excitement ascends as the day gets near. But before I forget lemme share you guys an overdue post. I was featured in my favorite local food magazine in Manila which is YUMMY. Most likely it's about my cooking class stint in Sydney back in 2007. Thank you Ms. Mabekl Pilar David for the online interview. Would love the staff of this magazine to visit me one of these days here in Ho Chi Minh so I can share them the life The Artist Chef is living at the moment.

(Click to enlarge and read the article)

Can't wait 'til the egg hunting begins and the rabbit chasing thing. Looking forward cooking an Easter dinner feast to my Saigon friends and to my folk who is currently having his vacation here at my house.

Thanks for all the blessings our dear LORD!

joanie xxx


Joy said...

Congratulations on being in print! April is a lovely month to have a birthday in!

neil said...

Absolutely awesome, well done. I bet that makes you feel so much better than any medicine. You rock.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Joan!
Another milestone to the artist chef!!!

-mye mye

khoo said...

congratulations Joan~ and happy birthday`~

Joanie said...

Thanks Mama Joy for always supporting. Hugs and a big smile :-)

Thanks Mr. Neil! Your blog rocks my world too. I always look forward coming back!

Thank you so much for popping every once in a while...

It's been a while Mr. Oliver Khoo... Are u still in Melbourne or back in Malaysia?