Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good Morning Vietnam!

G'day everyone! It's been a month since I had my surgery and it's a beautiful Saturday morning or should I say almost afternoon? I am alright now and back to my normal self. I did it sooner than I thought I would. So the pay-off, I am greeting everyone a Good Morning Vietnam!

Few more days and I will celebrate my birthday and my one year anniversary here in Vietnam. I think it's my first time to say good morning Vietnam since I came here last year. Never too late to say it again and again starting today. One more day and I am set to go back to work. Does that mean stress is coming or fun and excitement will begin again? The answer, I still have to ponder on eventually. Things randomly happened very fast and I didn't notice that one month has passed by. My operation was a success. I had to undergo a surgery where in they have to remove a cyst somewhere outside my uterus and ovaries. Luckily it's just dangling outside so my gadgets inside my tummy are perfectly fine and complete. It's not what others think of, that I lost everything. The doctor said I am ready to conceive in four months because everything is fine now. Sooner or later I have to quest for that boyfriend and make him my husband so that the conceiving idea will get materialized. My big laugh out loud now.

To wrap this post I'd like to thank few people who really did remember me and made me feel better during my recuperating period after the surgery. I'd like to thank Xie Hao for bringing that lovely cake during the days when I can't hardly walk. Mr. Mischu Zolot for visiting and bringing some grapes and pear that made me cook a special dessert out of those fruits. And I was overwhelmed and happy to receive the yummiest French Vanilla Ice Cream in Saigon that again Mischu brought me. Anneleen Berlingen visited me also at home and in the hospital and gave me this bell gift. She's very concerned on how I will call my Dad from my room to the other room because I can't walk and scream after the surgery. My officemates from Brand Maker who visited me in the hospital and brought me fruits and juices. My Sky Garden Friends namely Quinn Donato, Oliver Salazar, Yeng Reyes, Obee Ham, Ivy Sorreda & Vianca are the people who visited me also and very helpful and constantly accompanied me and Dad in all our dinner out and adventures. Thanks to them Dad gained new friends! And to Ampy Rio, Oji Valencia and Kate Bayona thanks also for the visit. To my boxing trainer Alvaro LealdelaTorre and to my Aussie mates Mr. Ashley Groom and Adrian Ammendola for remembering me as well. But most of all I have to thank my Dad for taking care of me all the time during his stay here. I owe him a lot ...

Thanks Saigon peeps, I am back on track :-)

joanie xxx


Joy said...

Joanie it is so lovely to hear you sounding so well, and giving out that big Good Morning!
And I am glad that you are all set to have a family when you are ready too.
And finally I am glad for all the people who helped you!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon!

Mr. PINKMOON said...

Alright! Congrats to your speedy recovery. Your readers are waiting for your enormous post. And I am looking forward to it also.

Take Care Joan!

Joanie said...

Thank you so much Mama Joy for visiting and commenting. Always keep my heart and soul smiling to people like you :)

Thanks :)

Thank you Pinkymoon :)

Anonymous said...

Glad your back. I am thinking of having a blog soon. My little boy is growing. Maybe I'll have time to blog.

Take Care.

-Mye Mye

Quinn said...

Joanie, i miss your food, i miss your company, i miss your house, i miss our chika session, i miss having lunch with you, i miss everything about you. i cant wait, i wish its already july. see you soon. regards, Quinn Donato. p.s. im always wearing the ring you gave me.

Anonymous said...

so your birthday is coming up,
dudette! dontya worry, all the saigon "peeps"
will be greeting you and the
banana benders down under... and
you can buy your 3million dong
nine west shoes for your birthday.
don't you like manolo blanik shoes

Joanie said...

I miss a lot of things about you too. I really wish malapit na July. Don't forget to wear the ring I gave you. Keep it that way. Can't wait to see u also :)

You sound familiar, I think I know you already--Based on my site meter. I thought you're not going to visit my blog anymore?

Btw, I don't like Manolo Blanik, mate? Cheers ;)