Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FIFTEEN New York Marathon

Good day Mates!

To all my readers from Australia, Europe, The America & Asia, I would like to ask your little help to support the FIFTEEN New York Marathon fundraising. My good friend Danny Mc Cubbin, his officemates from Jamie Oliver's office and some FIFTEEN people will join the marathon. So far they are only getting 13% of the 100% target. Danny emailed me to be part of those people who are in one boat in supporting them. I visited the website Danny gave me and donated 20 pounds to help them reach their target. Since I made running part of my life, I feel how the runners feel in joining a marathon like this. As I prepare and train myself to join some fun run or a marathon perhaps, I am asking you guys to give a little help and I guarantee you'll have something big in return. That's the law of KARMA. What you give or what you do, you shall receive. :-)



Many Thanks!

joanie xxx

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cooking at Mui Ne

Xin Chao everyone!

I am here to give you a short update about my Vietnam adventures lately. Living in Saigon for quite a few months is fun but more often than not, I always crave for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. To be honest the first escape I had was Mui Ne. Since then I can say my heart was smitten by this place. It's the best thing that you can get if you have a 6 hour trip away from Saigon. To cut the story short, I had a great experience during my Mui Ne trip and that was when I met a good executive chef named Tom. Sir Tom works in a hotel resort (where I stayed) for a couple years but also worked for other hotels in other countries. He shared me his kitchen, his staff and his cooking methods. He felt grateful to have known the internet's one and only Artist Chef. He likes Filipino people that's why he's very cheerful and accommodating after he found out that I am a Filipina. Though prior to that he was telling me that I look like a Chinese or Singaporean. He said, he will never mistaken me for a Filipino. Well, you're not alone chef, most Vietnamese people would tell me the same thing.

I was happy that day to have a short tour in the kitchen and a short cooking stint. Another thing that made me happy was the moment he brought out the toque and allowed me to wear it. Whoah! I feel I am really in the heat of the kitchen! I really felt like a cook for a day. Chef Tom said he often goes to the city of Saigon and he told me that if I have or if he has time too, we can exchange cooking lessons. He is fond of learning the Filipino cuisine and same with me, I am enthusiastic to learn the Vietnamese cuisine as well.

Thanks for that moment Chef, 'til my next adventure.
Maybe Na Trang soon...

joanie xxx