Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FIFTEEN New York Marathon

Good day Mates!

To all my readers from Australia, Europe, The America & Asia, I would like to ask your little help to support the FIFTEEN New York Marathon fundraising. My good friend Danny Mc Cubbin, his officemates from Jamie Oliver's office and some FIFTEEN people will join the marathon. So far they are only getting 13% of the 100% target. Danny emailed me to be part of those people who are in one boat in supporting them. I visited the website Danny gave me and donated 20 pounds to help them reach their target. Since I made running part of my life, I feel how the runners feel in joining a marathon like this. As I prepare and train myself to join some fun run or a marathon perhaps, I am asking you guys to give a little help and I guarantee you'll have something big in return. That's the law of KARMA. What you give or what you do, you shall receive. :-)



Many Thanks!

joanie xxx

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