Thursday, November 05, 2009

1/3 The Artist Chef Manila

This is part one of the last three customers I had back in Manila. I have to post them first before I finally post the very first Artist Chef here in Saigon. These photos are overdue already. I just procrastinates very often that's why this has been delayed for the longest time. My apologies. I have so many preoccupations and many stuff I have to do with work and all the other things I am busy with lately. Don't worry two more to go then everything is set for The Artist Chef Global. I am also getting ready for my new business card with my new theme design of aqua blue.

Btw guys, If someone knows the names of this couple do email me or post a comment. I forgot their names already and since I didn't bring my notebook where all the names of my customers were written, I can't acknowledge or give them my thank you. I'd be grateful for any help given.

Cảm On tất cả mọi người!!!

joanie xxx

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