Friday, November 06, 2009

Cranberry Jelly with Caramel Pudding

Hi Mates! Whadaya doin' this arvo?

Maybe you should try something different. Something to tease your partner. Something that they will crave from now on. My suggestion is so sinful and seductive. A devilicious dessert that will surely brings out the tiger roar in your partner or the person you will have this one tasted. I sent this recipe on the Valentine's video I did last year for Jamie Oliver's contest. And the video won. Last Halloween I had my chance to repeat this sinful recipe. It's so hard to find some ingredients here in Saigon but I was able to do some alternatives. This will surely delight you and will satisfy your craving. So why don't you bring out your apron and start whipping this amazing dessert!


• Fresh Cranberry extract or Cranberry Juice
• Plain Jello
• Egg yolks
• Vanilla Ice Cream
• Caramel syrup
• Jello Caramel Pudding Mix
• Cinnamon
• Sugar


Prepare the cranberry extract. Boil water then add the cranberry. Add a little sugar. Mix the plain gelatin in cold water according to the instruction on the label. Add it to the boiling cranberry. Stir for few minutes until it thickens a bit. Bring out some Martini or wine glass or even water goblet, pour the cooked cranberry gelatin. Have it cool until it's hard enough for the caramel pudding topping.

Get the Jello Caramel Pudding mix. Mix according to the instruction at the back of the label. Boil a little water then add the Caramel pudding mix. Stir carefully then add the beaten egg yolks. Scoop some vanilla ice cream then add caramel syrup. Continue stirring until it thicken. Pinch some cinnamon powder. Taste if the sweetness is good enough-- if not, feel free to add sugar. Then it's ready. Top it on the cooled Cranberry gelatin that was placed on wine class or martini glass. This is sooo good, I must say!

Hope you enjoy it sinners! :-)

joanie xxx

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Mye Mye said...

Thank you again Artist Chef for sharing. Galeng talaga. I will try this and yema balls this weekend sana maging success.

Nakita ko pa yung recipe mo din sa Yummy website kagabi..