Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mui Ne, Phan Thiet - Vietnam

Tốt buổi sáng Việt Nam!!!

I just sometimes can't believe it that I have been living and working in Saigon for almost 7 months already. How time flies. I already learned to embrace their culture, foods, scenery and language. And even the chaotic motorbikes whom I find irritating at first is now part of my everyday life. I have my everyday hitch on the Xe Om (motorbike) driver and the adventure I had everyday made me decide to buy one soon. Saigon is very small, that's why I go to the same malls, bars and all other stuff. So it's always great to have a city escape once in a while. And I am going to share you a story about a beach place and the reason why I was smitten.

Mui Ne is in Phan Thiet. A six-hour drive from the city. You can either rent a coaster or a van or you can ride the public bus. The public bus will cost you about 120,000 dong. Basically P360.00 pesos or roughly AU$12.00 dollars. I must say it's a great escape, a worth it six-hour drive. You can find the strip of good resorts to choose from. Good restaurants also surround the area. There's this nice bar near the shore that will lend you some pillows so you can lie down on the sand and gaze at the stars during night time. Lovers, friends and soloist could probably enjoy this unique offering. It's one spectacular moment to wish upon a brightly shining star and hopefully it will come true.

Aside from putting sand between your toes it's also good to watch and play some football in the sand. Isn't it great? I thought frisbee and volleyball are the two sports that we can only play on the beach, I think I was wrong. Because Vietnam is a football country the volleyball thingy won't appeal to them so this is what I got in Mui Ne. Since I am playing football lately I became enthusiastic about this nice Goalie court I found in the middle of the shore. But I feel bad I took it off playing with the Saigon Raiders. I am really not sure if I will go back. I had my bruise on my knee. It's kinda big one. Maybe I will hangout first with some Vietnamese footy players then hopefully go back to Saigon Raiders or could be with the Saigon Saints. In the meantime I still do train on my own with my football and do some drills whenever I can. It's hard to be athletic these days. But I am not giving up my running and Muay Thai and will join the jungle trekking come February.

In a nutshell, Vietnam has a lot of interesting beaches. I got smitten first by Mui Ne. I supposed to go to Na Trang but it was postponed. Maybe I try to visit Hoi An first and find out why Anthony Bourdain would love to live there with his family given the chance. But in my own opinion beaches in my country is still incomparable. I think we really have the most captivating beaches in Asia. I don't know if I can claim that, but probably I can.

Tạm biệt!
Cho đến khi thời gian tới

joanie xxx


An unpopular said...

been following your blog for a while but didnt know you are living in SaiGon ... hope u have good time.

P.S Your Vietnamese is awesome and very nice

Joanie said...

Hi there "An Unpopular" =)

Tam Biet!

For following me and hope you visit my blogsite very often =)

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog Joan Oi!

Happy you enjoying Vietnam and Xe om. hihi. Good luck!


noimegirl said...

nakakatuwa po kayo talaga... :)cgro wala na kayo tulog sa dami ng ginagawa nyo...