Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Australian Dinner Feast

Mango & Prawn Salad Medley

Hello knackers! It's Chrissy month already...

Christmas is coming and it is the best time for me to think of a dinner feast! I always love cooking dinner feast for people who are dear to me. I remember that I cooked a very special dinner for the people of Liverpool, Sydney Australia. That was two years ago. How time flies. Now with the feeling of Dinner Feast and Christmas I ended concluding something. And that is to go back to Australia come Yuletide 2010. I'd be excited to cook not just dinner feast but some cooking stints for the people of Liverpool and nearby towns. Of course I'd be back to Melbourne too since I agree now with Bourdain that it's the Food and Art Capital of OZ. I am also wishing that I can pass by Perth to visit a friend and to meet a famous Australian boxer. Another thing I also want to have a side trip to New Zealand if given the chance. Hope things will work out so I can finally go back down under next year. I want to spend my next Christmas in a place I called HOME. Australia.

Meanwhile, lemme share you some photos of the food I cooked for fellow Filipinos in Liverpool. It happened at the house of my very kind and accommodating cousin Gary. His dear wifey Yons is like a sister to me the way she treated me and accommodated me not just during my Aussie days but until now. The couple gave me so much help not just during my stay there but also in times of my emotional crisis last year. Now that I am okay, they are still here to listen to my happy stories and giggles. They still spare me some time and accommodate me whenever they can.

Clam & Basil Linguine

Chicken Curry

Indian Corn Fried Rice

Australian Bistek

Kind peeps from Liverpool, Sydney NSW

The cake was given by our guest Lucci Olmedo

I am always happy when I cook. It makes me wear a smile on my face whenever I see the people eating it and enjoying it. Most of all when I see the food almost empty, my heart will definitely smile too. I am thankful I had a brigade of helpers who helped me with the food preparation. Now this is my mindset, I also want to cook for friends in London, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy & Spain. European tour is getting near. I will apply my visa early next year. That's another story. Anyways, I will post the recipe of these foods here and at Jamie Oliver's website. Hope to do it very soon.

Excited about Christmas!

joanie xxx


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Mr. PINKMOON said...

Hey Joanie!

Long time no talk! My Christmas wish is to finally taste your cooking and experience one of your dinner feast.

Are you coming home for the Holiday?

noimegirl said...

Maam, I love reading your blogs, you're really amazing and inspiring :D I wonder how you make time for your different interests in life,ganun din po kasi ang mga interests ko, parehong pareho pero sa pagkalito ko kung ano ang uunahin, wala ako matapos. hay... :)ang galing2 nyo...panu nyo po nagagawa yun...