Sunday, December 06, 2009

Tim Cahill

Love me or hate me. Its one or the other. Always has been. Either way you will know who I am. Look deeper, do you see what I see? The angles, the inches, the split-second. You think I am not a danger? Think again. See the game one move ahead, that's what you saw in me...

"Love me or hate me. Its one or the other. Always has been. But never underestimate me."

Tim Cahill with Lucas Neill

Timothy Joel Cahill or simply Tim was born in Sydney on December 6, 1979. He was raised by his Samoan mother and an English father, of Irish decent. He is a professional football player who plays as an attacking midfielder for Everton in the Premier League and Australian National Team. Since he was a young boy he was already playing football in Australia until 1997 came, he asked his parents that he wants to go to England. All he wanted is to be a professional football player so he started his career at Millwall. He then polled over 100,000 votes to win the FA Cup "Player of the Round" award for his performance during the semi-final victory in that competition.

In 2004, He joined the Everton. In the season 2004-2005, He finished it being the top goal scorer and Fans' player of the season. And that time Everton reached the Champions League qualifying stage ahead of cross-town rivals Liverpool. Cahill's international career blossomed as expected. He played for Samoa at age 14, participated in 2004 Olympics and made an amazing performance during 2006 game where in the socceroos defeated Uruguay and qualified for the FIFA world cup. Last June 17, 2009 Cahill made another outstanding performance by setting 2 goals and the Australian socceroos defeated Japan with the score 3-1.

I admire Tim Cahill just lately. I've know him for more than 2 years. I saw his remnants of fame in Sydney Telstra Stadium and Melbourne Cricket ground back in 2007. I didn't appreciate him at first. But after watching the Australian socceroos won the game last June 17, 2009--Tim Cahill is the MAN for me. That very moment my love for football was resurrected. He's the reason I am grabbing football lately. He's also the reason why I do football drills at my veranda whenever I can and he's also the reason why I courageously joined the Saigon Raiders when they play during their practice.

I first knew about the sport football when I was in first grade. I played it in school but it's not the same football that I see on TV now. It's a street-type football in Manila. But during college, I once again revived playing football by applying the soccer try-out for women. I was taking Fine Arts then so the schedule was very difficult. I had 3 try-outs. All those 3, I got dizzy. So I decided to give up and accepted that football is not for me. No matter how I dream to be part of those lesbos in maroon uniform playing for Fine Arts, I have to quit. I lack stamina and energy. I don't have the energy like those lesbos. Haha. But seriously speaking, Tim Cahill really inspired me to kick the ball again. I am trying now. I hope it's not too late. It just amazes me every time I see him doing the classic Cahill moves-- his ultimate goal! After the first classic Cahill move, the next one will follow and that is doing the boxing when he is in the state of euphoria.

If people would ask me who's your next idol after Jamie, probably that's Tim Cahill in my heart. Just like my idol Jamie who is involve in so many charity and helping people to cook, Cahill is heavily involved with the UNICEF children's charity. Cahill is sooo amazing as a man! If heaven will throw someone like him on my lap, geez I will really grab him. I never liked tattoos on man's arm but the one that Tim has, is so meaningful and artistic. I know a little history about Samoa but definitely I can get the insight on what was tattoed on his arm. Not just like other men who are posers of tattoos just for display and to prove their masculinity.

Today I pay tribute to the greatest football player I have known and admire...

Happy Birthday Tim Cahill!!!

Sorry, I am not a David Beckham fan :p

joanie xxx


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Mr. PINKMOON said...

Wow! Sino sya? but yeah I don't him, but I am glad that you are into football pala and you're admiring this Aussie hunk.

Will you be meeting him in person? :P

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Anonymous said...

Wow Joan u like pala mga football player. At Australiano pala mga type mo. Good luck sana nga you'll catch an Aussie dude who will love you or will fall down in your lap :)

Mye Mye

Anonymous said...

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