Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Australia Socceroos & The KIWI

Who's winning the footy mates?!

The FIFA World cup will happen next year June 11 - July 11, 2010. I'm sure you guys have your own bet and will be cheering for your favorite footy team. As for Joanie she is cheering out loud for the Australia Socceroos and at the same time for their neighbor New Zealand. Japan was beaten by the Socceroos last June 17 with the score 3-1 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Tim Cahill the Wonder Boy of the Socceroos scored 2 goals for his team. The Socceroos qualified and secured a slot for the FIFA World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010. Tim Cahill never fails to amaze me with his typical Cahill moves. This Samoan-Irish-English breed with an Australian nationality is also playing for Chang Everton in UK. Every time he will have that classic goal he will be ecstatic and will automatically do the boxing stunts. And that is what I like the most about him aside from his other interesting details. The socceroos team captain is Lucas Neill whom I also admire. To name other Socceroos I remember are Josh Kennedy, Mile Sterjovski, Nick Carle, Mark Schwarzer & Rhys Williams.

Rhys Williams running for the ball

Tim Cahill kick for his classic goal

Victorious moment for the Socceroos

Nice one on the head by Rory Fallon who has a nice ass too =)

Recently New Zealand won over Bahrain and secured a slot for FIFA. As the Kiwi rejoiced for their victory the players from Bahrain went home broken hearted. It was a boring game when there is no action happening after one hour watching it on ESPN live on a Saturday afternoon. But it was exciting when the momentum arrived. I think it was 27 years ago since New Zealand made it to the Finals and that was 1982. Ricki Herbert (NZ Coach) probably repeated the history of what the Australia Socceroos did last November 16, 2005 when they defeated Uruguay in a dramatic penalty shootout to progress to their first World Cup finals in decades. It also prove that this is truly the defining point for the sport of football in that nation. Only after a 32-year absence from football's biggest stage, and countless moments of qualifying heartbreak, could a triumph be as euphoric and memorable as it was for the Aussies that night? The Kiwi coach admitted that they are under pressure but they are enjoying it.

Rory Fallon is the son of the Assistant coach who played during the last NZ World Cup final game in 1982. Rory scored the winning goal using his head literally for New Zealand over Bahrain. He is also my favorite among kiwi footy players. He is the counterpart of my Tim Cahill. But of course Tim Cahill is undisputed here in my heart. My love for Aussie people and Australia as a nation is incomparable. Tim Cahill is like Jamie Oliver in my heart too, but of course Jamie is Jamie. No body can take away this feeling of admiration I have towards him. Just a short story, I hung out with Saigon Raiders the other week and played some football game near where I live. It's truly difficult to run on a big field with all men playing. I feel intimidated and it made me think if I really wanted to play with an all male team. On the other hand I met a footy player from Saigon Saints last Saturday. The opponent of Saigon Raiders. I am thinking which is which? And where will I be at my best? In the meantime I'd like to say GO, GO, GO Tim Cahill and Rory Fallon!!!

Go Australia Socceroos and New Zealand Kiwi =)

joanie xxx

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WOW! Football? Socceroos and Kiwi?
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