Monday, June 21, 2010

Squid & Octopus Barbies!

I woke up late on a Sunday morning and that was probably around 11 am. Still had my fresh & vivid memory about the draw game between Australia and Ghana. It was nice catching it live in a pub called Tavern near my apartment with my good Aussie friend Mr. Ashley. Two bottles of beer nice conversation and the mathematical hope for the Socceroos to still make it in the finals. Though last night the Kiwi had a draw game against the Italians that made me lose my hope for the Aussies to at least make it in the finals. It seems I am going to cheer for Rory Fallon instead of Tim Cahill :-(

Around 12 noon I just realized it was Father's Day so I gave a heads up to my neighbor friends in Sky Garden. Oji and Eka came to my house with fresh Dory Fish, Mini Tilapia, Pork Chops & Octopus. I brought out my chicken, squid, veggies and griller then we were instantly ready for a Sunday Lunch Barbecues! I began marinading the meat at around 1pm then made some sauces and salad. The 2 liter COKE brought by Ivy was really the icing on the cake!

We began to savor the barbies that were really to die for because it's soft and tender for the pork and chook. Then the squids were not chewy or rubbery at all. That's the good thing about it, you can bite them easily. What a wonderful lunch that made us all bloated and said nothing but burp! burp! burp! LOL! After a while I brought out the Peach Cake Pudding that has been in my fridge for a week. Not bad, still good because it was frozen since then.

We finished all the eating around 4pm. I told them it's time for an English Tea! So I brought out the Harrods Kiwi and Strawberry fruit Tea for everyone to taste. We are all calmed and relaxed after the tea then we decided to watch a dvd that lasted 'til 630 pm and we ended around 7pm. Then shortly after I ran to the salon and got some pedicure. My feet were happy again then headed back home and ate my Bacon and Cheese with Pandesal while watching the Kiwi fight against the Italians.



• Squid & Octopus
• Lemon
• Salt & Pepper
• Cumin / Paprika
• Curry Powder / Turmeric
• Butter (of course)

This is very simple marination for an ideal Sunday barbecues! Just ready your fresh octopus and squid then squeeze in some lemon. Rub it with salt and pepper then add cumin, paprika, curry powder and turmeric. Ready your griller and put some flame then brush it with butter. Place in your meat on top of the griller and grill one side for like 6 minutes. Flip the other side and grill it for 4 minutes then it's done. Mine, I served it with my ever favorite capsicum fried rice!

Happy Father's Day Mates! :D

joanie xxx


Michael Toa said...

Hi there. I saw the link for your blog from Jamie's webpage.

What a wonderful dish! I love squid and I love all the ingredients in it. Butter is one of my favourite ingredients in the world. Have a nice day.

Joanie said...

Heya Michael!

Thanks for dropping by at my blog. I love the community we have in Jamie's website. We are friendly and helpful to each other.

Glad you liked the dish and I am glad to know you. We all love butter, because we all love mr. oliver!

Michael Toa said...


Yes, it's a great community there. It's nice to meet new people and share food stories and recipes.

And thanks for stopping by my blog as well. I have my fingers crossed for your London trip. Let's keep in touch. :)

Mr. PINKMOON said...

Been awhile dear. Haven't read your post lately. Like the squid thing for bbq! But where's the octopus?

Lyndon said...

Happy Daddy Barbie Day!? LOL!!!!
Nice octopus..

Brian said...

ingredient measures would really be appreciated

Joanie said...

Hi Brian,

I really don't put measurements. I leave it to the people the amount they feel like doing. Esp on herbs and spices, I put a lot of amount in which other people might find it too spicy or tasty.

Next time i'll try to do it with measurements :)


Anonymous said...

Artist Chef wow! nice to see on ur sked na uuwe ka sa pinas. Been a long time since last ko na check photos.

Food shots are getting more delicious & deliciou heheh

Mye Mye