Sunday, July 29, 2007

Manu Pantaleon

Manu Pantaleon is another deduction from the roster of bachelors. He is working as a technical consultant in Lawson PSCC. He is already engaged to Abie, who works for IBM Solutions Delivery as a Developer and Analyst. They met each other while in college at De La Salle University. They have known each other for very long time now and they are about to settle down.

Behind the roman blind, I was busy preparing all the dishes that Manu and Abie will share for that night.

This is the famous Shrimp and Mango Medley, still waiting for the dressing to be poured and the shrimp to jump over.

This is my new addition to my Thai Set Meal, Grilled Squid with Basil stuffing and Bagoong Fried Rice.

How hot can u get with my Chicken Curry Wansoy? It’s full of flavors because of the curry, coconut milk, and wansoy leaves, herbs and spices plus red and green jalapenos.

Reggie was peeking at Manu and Abie to get this souvenir photo.

Manu and Abie will get married in 2008.

They both want to get into photography but they still don’t have their digital SLR with them.

This was the portion where I have my conversation with the couple.

Thanks Manu and Abie for dining… Best wishes!

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