Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Denmark Yaneza

Another kapamilya in the house and he's none other than Denmark Yaneza. He works for ABS-CBN Interactive and a co-worker of Albin Lim who also dined here last year. He's with his Korean girlfriend and they had the Italian set meal. The girl doesn't understand either English or Tagalog so I was wondering how these two people converse. Iasked Denmark and he said that he can speak a little Korean and his girlfriend can understand a little of Tagalog. I'm glad the girl appreciated the food I served.

This is the bruschetta platter they had for appetizer. I found it funny when Denmark's girlfriend used her fork to eat the bruschettas. She seemed to have such a hard time eating. I didn't know how to tell her that she can use just her hands eating those bruschettas.

This couple proved to me that language and nationality are not barriers.

I felt sad when I learned that she's going back to Korea then to the United States to study. Denmark is also leaving for Perth, Australia. If language is not a barrier, then maybe distance is.

Thanks for dining and spending your few moments together.

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berger said...

omg! kwag is that you?