Saturday, July 14, 2007

Claire Cruz

Doña Clarissa Cruz, is a certified account executive that jumps from one agency to another. Her career path from DDB to DYR to SAATCHI and now TBWA has given her a lot of experience. Contrary to her career, she is very faithful when it comes to her lovelife. Through thick and thin and through sunshine and rain, I'm glad to see Claire and Rex still together, getting better and stronger.

I'm glad that Claire and Rex finally tried The Artist Chef. There are some friends who feel awkward if I will be the waitress, cook and dishwasher for the night. I always tell them that I don't mind at all. I'm happy with what I'm doing. Good thing that this couple didn't feel that way.

This dinner night was really for Claire because she was celebrating her birthday. I know men in general are not mushy but it's pretty cool that Rex participated well. :p

The participation of Rex went beyond my expectation when they danced together with the music I played. Sweet dance performed by the couple while the three of us were laughing out loud. I captured the moment with my camera (with their permission, of course).

I know they enjoyed the dinner and the night together. They are so full that Claire took home the Goat Cheese Spring Rolls I prepared.

Rex was my teammate in DDB Makati during my stay there. My fellow Art Director now turned into an ACD. He is the alcoholic of the SMART Group--that's our common joke about him. And because of that I served him my famous Blackbeer Float with Honey during the dinner. Cheers to you Blackie!

They are blessed with a beautiful daughter and her name is Maxine.

Oh well this photo is my souvenir photo to prove that Rex can really be a jackass at any given photo opt. There's a take two of this photo, the one I posted above with the menu they chose.

Thanks Claire and Rex for dining and thank you also for the Tuna Empanada you gave me as pasalubong. How sweet...awww...

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