Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nadia Camit-Upton

There are so many things to write about this person but why am I running out of words to describe this lady? Maybe because she happened to be a good copywriter turned Associate Creative Director slash mushy poet. Maybe I’m afraid I might describe her in a wrong way. So ladies and gentlemen with no further ado, Nadia Camit-Upton. A product of AB Literature in University of Santo Tomas, then she pursued advertising by starting as a copywriter at McCann Erickson then moved to DDB Philippines and then became an ACD at Leo Burnette Manila. Way back in 2001, I met her in DDB and we became teammates and partners. We jived easily because of our daily mushy sharing and exchanging of fashion ideas. Year 2003 was the last time we saw each other then after four years…

Here I am anticipating Nadia’s arrival along with the British guy she married, Graham Upton. He is one of the most celebrated graffiti artists in London and was also featured in BBC News.

So finally I met Nadia again after four long years and now she’s with her very wonderful husband. I must say that she is a very lucky girl to find someone like Graham. I believe her husband is courteous and a god-fearing individual.

Graham is fun to talk with because of his British accent and his witty personality. He is a hardcore English guy who fell in love with a very passionate and talented pinay. I really had difficulty understanding his words, but on the other hand it’s lovely to listen to.

I’m very happy about the tale of this couple. I know what happened to Nadia’s love life in the past and I can testify how hard her situation was. Then came along Graham, a one real blessing from God. I consider him mana from heaven given to Nadia. I know they had the great time because they cleaned up every plate. Always a good sign!

When they dined at the Artist Chef, they were celebrating their second monthsary as a married couple. I wish them luck!

The book with VCD that Nadia wrote: “Fragments of the Moon”
Available in PowerBooks.
Thank you for giving me a copy.

And the fame… a good addition to my collection.

Sweet note from Nadia.
I know she’s happy now living with her husband in London.
Have a good life Nadz!


April Inocentes said...

Hi Joan,

Don't know if this is the appropriate venue to post this.. but I saw your comment from Lori's site regrading T House. If you're still having trouble contacting the place, just call my mobile 09209542946. Hope to see you here soon! :)

April Inocentes
T House Tagaytay

Joan said...

Hi April.
I already went there at T house in Tagaytay to have a full body massage. I also met the manager who happened to be a good singer. I'll post my experience soon. Thanx!

nadia camit upton said...

Hi Jone,

I'm so happy for the success of your Artist Chef Diner. I've always known that a passionate cook like you would go a long, long, way!

Thanks for the kind words about me and my husband!


Joan said...

Hi Nadia :-)

I saw your blog portfolio. Baket wala yung SMARTalk? tsaka yung building na storyboard na pineresent natin kay Lisa Jocson? hehe.

Graham Upton said...

Hi Joan (not Joanne!),
Thanks for the comments about my graffiti art, haven't seen much of Jamie on TV since we've returned to the UK except on advertisments.

Just like to wish you luck with the artist chef.
Some of my graffiti is included in my link if you're interested too.

Joan said...


Thank you for defending me at clickthecity. I saw your grafitti and it's great that you were featured in 30 Minutes Make Over and in BBC.

I still do not forget the book that you promised me. The Jamie Oliver Book. Although I got one recently, it would be great if you will add another one. LOL!

Thanks to you and Nadia!