Monday, June 25, 2007

Jay W. San Luis

In my years in advertising not all my copywriter partners became my good friends. As an Art Director my relationship with them is very important because I feel that more than work, it's also important to build rapport and friendship. Jay became my good friend not just because he’s nice to work with but also because he’s a god-fearing, respectful gentleman--with those qualities I couldn’t ask for more. Through the years of working together we also went through tough times and shared laughter together. Jay is my witness that more than friendship I found commitment by ending up with someone who is also a Copywriter. Now being the Associate Creative Director of his team, Jay came a long way because of his perseverance and I know he’ll still go far. I’m glad that he finally tried The Artist Chef.

These are the little paper lamps surrounding the floor with petals.

The Artist Chef posing while waiting for her guests.

Some of their stolen and candid photos

Jay is with his wife Roxanne. They have been married for two years and blessed with two kids. Rox was still pregnant during the time they dined. She just recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Beatriz.

Roxanne was also my boyfriend's classmate during college.

Bye and Thank you Jay and Rox, see you next time.

This is a sweet and touching note from the couple.

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Daydreamer said...

panalo ang self-portraits mo joan!!! haha. so very... YOU! =) success na success ang artist chef ha... ganda ng Mac!