Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Aneliz Tang

These were my last customers before I left for my Australia vacation last October. I was very excited because the next day after the dinner will be my 8 hour trip going to Sydney. My luggage was almost packed but I still had some stuff to bring that I wasn't able to put in my hand carry bag. Despite that I was still up to whip the night for this extra ordinary couple Aneliz and Charles. Aneliz was the one who reserved their date months in advance that's why I knew that she's really looking forward to their dinner. I don't want to fail every customers I have so I really prepare the food to guarantee their satisfaction. So when Aneliz and Charles arrived that night I was bubbly, happy and excited to welcome them in my little pad. I assumed that I will surprise the couple but it turned out that I was the one being surprised. Wanna know their surprise? Find out as you read this post...

Enjoying their Creme Brulee

Aneliz and Charles were very thankful that night for the dinner I prepared. They told me that I made them so full with the food I served and commented that Mango & Sausage Medley was truly a good salad appetizer.

Chinkee Sweet Smile!

I was also surprised seeing Aneliz wearing a nice shorts, quite cool...

Janjajaran...!!! Aneliz and Charles handed me this box of cake from ESTRELS as their surprise for me at that night.

I know that Aneliz doesn't really know that it was my favorite cake, but now I guess she'll know that she gave me my MOST favorite cake which is the CARAMEL cake from ESTRELS!

I'm very thankful meeting couples who appreciate my cooking and my idea of intimate dining. To those couples who are very sweet and thoughtful giving me token like this as part of their gratitude, I should be the one giving thank you. :-)

Hmmmm... very, very, very delicious cake! Burp! I look forward to the day that Aneliz and Charles would dine again. Thanks to both of you!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Frances Soriano

The call centers appeared like mushrooms in our country. So it's no surprise to have call center agents sitting before my little dining table from time to time. Frances is an addition to the roster of call center people who already dined at my place. Frances is sweet and demure while his boyfriend is a bit kalog. I enjoyed talking to the couple because every now and then a pinch of humor was inserted into every topic we had. I already forgot the details but I will always cherish the laughter.

They both love the Paella Negra I served.

This is Pandan Rice Roll with Peanut Butter is part of the Thai set meal. They mixed their set meal that's why they had this as their dessert.

What I also enjoyed was the photo session because they really love to pose. I'm glad they participated well.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Marvin Quevedo

Young love, sweet love. A La Salle student Marvin surprised his girlfriend couple of months ago. He is young and adventurous that's what he told me and I didn't wonder why he bravely chose the Mexican Set Meal.

Marvin keeps on calling me Ate the entire evening when he dined and made me feel uncomfortable. I feel that I am very old when in fact I'm not!

A new pose in the Artist Chef photo gallery

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Peaches de Guzman

In this planet we live in, we all know that some good things never last. We can only keep the good memories forever. I met Peaches and Derek who used to be together but ended their relationship as good friends instead. Peaches booked their reservation when they were still together as a couple. I'm glad they came, even just as good friends, and graced the dinner I prepared for them.

Again... it's really a small world because Peaches is a friend of Kitty, my former officemate in FCB.

Do the wacky and romantic poses manifest a lovelier second time around?

I hope to see you again as couple :-)