Monday, June 30, 2008

Niña Clemente

Niña Clemente is the last installment for the month of March '08. She was late that night and I almost lost my temper because of waiting so long. She arrived and I remained poised and pleasant. Well if you think the night was ruined, definitely not! No matter what incident might happen I will never let my customers experience a bad date. In the end, Niña and I, along with her boyfriend had a warm and entertaining conversation. The Italian set meal again won another couple's heart.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This is SPIFF, the magazine for the Call Center crowd. It's very informative because there are hi-tech stuff, kikay finds and food. I'm happy about this magazine because not everyone knows that a lot of my customers came from different call centers in the metro. And according to my site meter I also have a lot of visitors from call centers.

They gave me 5-page feature which showcases my six set meals. Cathy Tagle-Garcia wrote this interesting article about me. I provided her food photos from my library.

There's also the map of my location. Thanks to SPIFF team and of course to Cathy!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Glenn Dalisay

My best-selling Italian set meal was savored by Glen and his lovely wife on the third Sunday of March, 2008. It was his special surprise for his wife's birthday. In a nutshell, Glen is an IT professional and works in the Laguna area while her wife works in Makati. My first impression was that both of them seemed very shy. I was kinda wrong because despite their demure smiles, I was able to take their pictures. A successful dinner, indeed.

At the kitchen area of The Artist Chef. Before the couple left, another picture was taken beside the spices and my pictures. By the way I bought that silver magnetic container at IKEA, Sydney.

Monday, June 16, 2008


The winning recipe during the YUMMY COOK-OFF last September 2007, and the appetizer to my AMERICAN set meal.


You will need one pack mixed greens like lettuce, arugula, rocket and even raddichio. Seedless grapes, squid rings marinated with salt & pepper with kepap manis are also needed. Prepare mayonnaise then mix it with a little balsamic vinegar, milk, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper for the dressing then set aside. Prepare a huge salad bowl then arrange the mixed greens then top it with grapes then set aside. Heat med pan in high temperature with butter then saute the marinated squid for few minutes. When cooked, place it on top of your salad bowl and pour the right amount of dressing and serve.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blue Mountains (AUS post 8)

This is the picturesque and very famous rock formation called "Three Sisters" in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. Towering above the Jamison Valley, the three rocks that were formed are called Meehni (922m), Wimlah (918m) and Gunnedoo (906m). The sisters were formed by erosion and other natural activities of our environment. But not everyone knows that there is a very interesting story behind this nature's wonder. According to legend, ages ago there were three sisters who fell in love with three brothers from another tribe. But marriage was forbidden by tribal law that led to a tribal battle. During the battle the father of three sisters asked an elder man or a witch doctor to protect them by temporarily turning them into stones. The elder man was killed during the fighting and no one could turn back the three sisters into life. No one can remove the spell so up to now, the three sisters are stuck.

One of the few remaining authentic aborigines in Australia is sitting beside me in this picture. Some of them can be found in the Blue Mountains. It's funny that in this picture I am smiling but deep within me I am a bit scared because this man is whispering "Can I kiss you princess?". So I told my boyfriend to hurry up and click the camera. And by the way, we paid $2 Australian dollars just to have this picture. Though any amount would do. You will simply drop your coins in front of him. No coins dropped, no picture!

With my photographer and partner in life.

This is the trail going down to the viewing area. A good leg exercise!

This is a very interesting petite chapel in the park of the Blue Mountains.
I am a fan of small chapels.

Yehey! My favorite thing to do (and Aussies too) ... picnic!

With my cousin Gary, wife Yonni and Yonni's sister Dewi!

With us is John Lucas (an impersonator of the real one) and he's our tour guide inside Jenolan Caves. We went inside the most interesting cave in Jenolan which is the Lucas Cave, named after John Lucas. He was a local parliamentarian and was responsible for having the cave declared for protection. The Jenolan Caves is the home of precious limestones. But in Lucas Cave there's this Cathedral, the highest chamber of this tour, and also the highest chamber of all Jenolan caves, 54m high. It is used for weddings and for concerts for example by Dame Joan Sutherland or the Vienna Boys Choir. Now and then, there are concerts in the hall.

The mystery inside Lucas Cave in Jenolan

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Michael Albano

Big things come in small packages. don't they? Though they are both petite in size, I am sure that their love for each other is huge as the universe. They had the Thai Set meal for this special occasion.

So another cool couple sitting on the wood parquet floor
of The Artist Chef.