Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gretchen Agdamag

Gretchen Agdamag and her boyfriend are both physicians at The UST Hospital. My fellow Thomasian.

Gretch and her boyfriend are both simple and meek people. We didn't have time to talk that much unlike other customers because I have an appointment after their dinner. But I'm glad to meet people like them who both manifest humility in their own little way.

The Artist Chef...behind the scene, food prep.

Yummy chocolate kisses and choco syrup plus my secret ingredients melting all together. The perfect match for fresh strawberries.

Aside from the dessert I prepared for Gretch and her boyfriend, they brought me a petite chocolate mousse and blueberry Cheesecake. Thanks a lot!!!

As usual in my photo opt there's always a version of with flash and without flash.

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