Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dennis Jao

Another happy couple dining at the table of The Artist Chef. This is Mr. Dennis Jao, he's down-to-earth and fun to talk with. Even after a year of being together with his girlfriend he still likes surprising her once in a while.

While waiting for the sumptuous set meals I prepared for them, Dennis was also waiting for the chance to bring out his special surprise for his very special girl on their first anniversary.

The chunky cuts of my Moroccan Herb Chicken.

Preparing the plate with Lettuce and Tomatoes ala Salsa Style for the side dish and the yummy buttered rice to complete the main course.

My Green Tea Frothe is often mistaken as an herby type of drink---it's not. Most of the couples who chose this on their set meal menu didn't regret having it as their drink.

While waiting for them to finish the main dish...
I had time to strike a pose before preparing dessert.

More photos are possible when Reggie is present.

Wanna know what's Dennis surprise for his girlfriend?
A huge tarpauline banner with their faces
and the words "Happy Anniversary!"

Good thing this couple loves pictures.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rommel Tobias

Relationship by numbers, that’s one phrase I will describe Rommel Tobias’ experience with his wife. Just imagine they were friends for 3 yrs, in a relationship for 8 years, and married for 9 years. Grand total of 20 years of being together is no joke. Rommel or commonly called as TOBY is currently working in an IT firm in Fort Bonifacio, he met her wife during college in MAPUA were they started as friends.

The used to be friends is now a happy couple who usually dine in almost every new restaurants around the metropolis. No wonder they landed The Artist Chef intimate dinner. A truly adventurous couple.

Owen is Toby’s wife, his partner for 20 enduring years and a blissful life.

Thanks for the tip TOBY. You're the second customer who did that. :-)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jinx Macabenta

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rob Schneider… (Ooopss, Kidding!) finally dining at The Artist Chef. Jinx is based in Daly City, California---a very talented person, business oriented, and sometimes a clever artist. (Sniff sniff) He is also the son of the famous Greg Macabenta, former Advertising Icon of AMA Publicis way back then. Jinx and I met in 2002 at DDB Makati where we both worked together for SMART Communications and did a lot of projects for SMART Money to be specific. After a short period of time he went back to the US but we’re still in touch and we are still good friends up to now. We often chat with each other thru yahoo and I always make kulit about this business of mine for him to try. Then when he came home last February, he finally tried the intimate dinner.

The table setting waiting for the Macabenta Couple.

The Candles, Petals and Mood…

They are actually celebrating their 11th year anniversary as husband and wife.

With Jinx is his very charming wife Kathy who was already pregnant at that time. The name of their baby will be “VEGAS”. I asked him why Vegas? TRIVIA: They eloped in Vegas, hence the name.

And would you believe that they dined on the 14th? As in February 14. Good thing my boyfriend and I don’t celebrate valentine’s on the day itself. So talagang pinagbigyan kita Jinx! Lucky you :-)

My funny picture together with Jinx and Kathy.

Thanks Jinx for the tip! First ever tip since I started The Artist Chef

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gretchen Agdamag

Gretchen Agdamag and her boyfriend are both physicians at The UST Hospital. My fellow Thomasian.

Gretch and her boyfriend are both simple and meek people. We didn't have time to talk that much unlike other customers because I have an appointment after their dinner. But I'm glad to meet people like them who both manifest humility in their own little way.

The Artist Chef...behind the scene, food prep.

Yummy chocolate kisses and choco syrup plus my secret ingredients melting all together. The perfect match for fresh strawberries.

Aside from the dessert I prepared for Gretch and her boyfriend, they brought me a petite chocolate mousse and blueberry Cheesecake. Thanks a lot!!!

As usual in my photo opt there's always a version of with flash and without flash.