Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bek Choi

Thank God Bek is a very patient person! He and his girlfriend were my customers after Ryan's dinner. He was constantly texting me about his dinner, constantly asking what time the other customers will finish. I was rattled and I didn't know what to say. I just kept telling him to hold on. He almost gave up waiting for his slot at that night... The gist--they arrived and ate the Italian set meal. Fortunately, Bek felt that the long wait was worth it. The delicious and generous serving of food compensated for everything. And according to him, my friendly and accommodating personality prevented Bek from getting angry. He almost gave up waiting but it was a learning experience on my part and another story for me to reminisce in the future.

Awhhh...Bek can now say... "finally the floor is all mine" :p

Bek was very shy about having photos but I insisted and he gave in. I will never forget this back-to-back customers I had and made my come back to my kitchen very tiring but super fun and interesting!

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ishang said...

aaawww.. it was such a terrific time for me.. The wait was all worth it..Never had such a rrrromantic dinner like this, I was simply blown away that I couldn't talk much :)

Thanks Joan for allowing us such a great dining experience. The food is terrific.. that.. that.. fondue... sarap!