Thursday, April 17, 2008

Katrina Samaniego

When I first met my officemate Katrina, she was a chubby girl. A lot of people in the office told me she had an FHM-worthy figure before she got married. But because she was a workaholic whose only outlet was to eat and eat and eat, she gained some pounds.

But one day, she decided to get back into shape. After a few months of dieting, exercise and self-discipline, she's now skinnier than I am. She is no longer the chubby girl with a belly I can pinch. I'm proud of my dear friend Ena! (As most of her friends call her).

Up to now I still find myself smiling when I'm reminded of the day Ena became my friend. It was in 2006, during the last day of our office trip to HK, when I saw her in the lobby of the hotel and asked her if she waned to go to Ikea with me. She excitedly said yes. She was even proud of the fact that she's very familiar with the MTR so she'll be the one to guide me daw. Some funny things happened on our way there but that's just between me and her. I'm glad that up to now we are still good friends.

With Ena is her very charming husband Ariel.

I really got to know Ariel during their daughter's birthday. It was Alyssa's 2nd birthday when I went to Ena's house in Loyala Grand Villas to cook lunch food for their immediate family.

Trivia: Ariel used to have a Kodak developing outlet as his business. But due to the advent of digital technology, he sold the business. He is now an importer of unique photo albums for weddings. Different photographers order from Ariel's not-so-commercialized albums, and that's his edge compared to other photo album suppliers.

Since pictures are very much part of their lives, the couple didn't say NO when I brought out the camera. It was a success! I think both of them really enjoyed it.

This was the couple's pre-valentine's dinner. Ena reserved this last November for their anniversary but I was fully booked. December came and Ena tried to reserve for her birthday but I was again fully booked at that time. So when February came, I gave Ena the first Sunday slot.

Thanks Ena and Ariel! 'til next time :-)

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