Friday, August 29, 2008


After several weeks of a roller coaster ride, I finally made my Saturday alive again. So I decided to visit Big Mama’s Place. Owned by the family of Bede Ongtengsiem. Bede is a good friend of mine.

The place is fabulous. It has a positive ambiance. Its interior is very neat and very stylish. People will have a feeling of being at your home when you are inside the Big Mama’s. I met Beau, Bede’s brother. Like Bede, Beau is also nice and cool person. They were both very accommodating when I was there. I also met Tita Bonnie, the mother of Bede and Beau. I was really mesmerized by the warm welcome they showed me. They prepared for me one of the best sellers in their resto, the Peppered Chicken with Tomato Rice, Thai Bagoong Rice and Orange Tuna Pasta plus Dimsum. I can say without exaggeration that the dishes were all fantastic and superb. I wanted to ask for more and eat more.


Orange Tuna Pasta

Thai Bagoong Rice

Peppered Chicken with Tomato Fried Rice

Perfect Homemade Dimsum

Interior of the resto designed by Bede's sister

Kitchen Confidential

Tita Bonnie shared with me her cooking styles. She doesn’t want to bake food because she hates exact measurement of ingredients. She prefers the “tanchahan” way of cooking. She makes sure that the ingredients they use in cooking are all fresh and are in good quality. She also allowed me to take a closer look at their kitchen where the food are prepared and cooked. It is very neat and clean. The utensils are all placed accordingly. The staff are all well groomed.

She also told me that their menu continuously evolves as she makes ways to find and experiment different recipes. She doesn’t want their food to be commercialized. She wants to make other people happy and satisfied especially the families who dine with them by serving them real tasty and quality food at its best.

We both believe in home-style cooking where everything goes around. We both love to experiment on different dishes. We never follow the recipes of others. We want to make our own. And we both believe cooking is not just cooking to let others eat and taste your food. We both believe that cooking is a special way of showing others that you care for them and love them. Cooking is not just an art for us. It is a passion.

With the BIG MAMA Bonnie and son Bede Ongtengsiem

Afterwards, I can’t help but express my gratitude to them (Bede, Beau and Tita Bonnie). I thank them from the bottom of my heart for having me taste their one-of-a-kind food. Sincerely, I was really glad and my stomach was really full that time. I am very happy for my friend, Bede for having this kind of business. I can see that it is doing very well. It was indeed a satisfing lunch and a learning experience as well. It wasn’t my usual lunch. It was extra ordinary. I wish to have my own restaurant. I know I can fulfill that dream one day.

Bede, Thanks for inspiring me to wear my big smile again. And for always telling me that life is beautiful and full of possibilities amidst pain and sufferings. ☺


Along N. Paterno St. San Juan, Metro Manila
Opens Tuesday to Sunday –11am to 9pm


Anonymous said...

I also like this Artist Chef. I live lang in Valencia Hills. Kilala mo pala owner.

Anonymous said...

Hi ang tagal na...

ang sarap dito artist chef, value for money din.