Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dumaguete's Best-Kept Secret

Last September I visited Dumaguete City for a week---to have a break from all the adages of life. It was my first time to travel by plane alone. Cebu Pacific was on time so I had a very friendly trip. Also with the help of the convenient Terminal 3 Airport, everything went well. I stayed with my very good friend, Pie. She toured me around the city along with her cousin Thirdy. The three of us riding on a motorbike every night was really hell exciting. The city is very small so I guess you will not miss the famous Rizal Blvd, where strips of good restaurants can be found. I also went to different beaches and toured the famous Silliman University. Dumaguete is very interesting and it is also called the city of gentle people. Before I went back to Manila Pie brought me to this store named SANSRIVAL, which is famous for their very special Silvanas. I wish I bought a dozen box instead of just half. So Manilenos out there, don't forget to bring home tons of this when you visit Dumaguete!


RJ said...

Just bag and box, Jo?

Don't you have the photo of the product itself- the Silvana/Sansrival?

Julette said...

ohmygod tita ko nagdala ng sansrival from that store before ... super yummy nga!!! as in!!!

Joan said...

I wasn't able. I forgot.
Pero super sarap sya. I can guarantee

Joan said...

JULETTEsinabi mo. eto lang masabi ko, the best silvannas I tasted! AS IN!

Anonymous said...

yup! yummy, yummy san rival! went there a couple of years back and ate most of their cakes and of course the sansrival!