Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cannes Lions

56TH International Advertising Festival
June 21 - 27 / Cannes, France

Tomorrow is my last day at work. I am devoting my few hours to perfect my entry for this festival. Andrew Petch, our Australian Expat from Saatchi Singapore said that my idea is brilliant! If the juries will judge it, it's only a yes or a no. The simplicity of the idea can make me bring home a gold or just be grateful that I had this idea entered in Cannes. Saatchi & Saatchi Manila will have 10 entries and will be entered on different categories. My entry is for our client North Face. One of these days I will post it here and show you how my idea started.

I can't thank Andrew enough. Sometimes he makes me crazy because he is very very particular on details. Uncountable revisions everyday. I have on my desk all the printouts I made and all the Final Artwork's proof. Damn they are mountain of papers now! Well that I have to exaggerate. But seriously, Andrew will push us to the limit and there's this one funny day that I was skateboarding around the office and he gave me that strange look. Maybe he's thinking that I was slacking and not doing my North Face ad. So last Friday, he approached me and said: "Hey Joan, no more skateboarding today. You have to focus and finish your North Face. And this one, will not give you fame and money (pointing on the monitor with the DARI Creme stb I was doing at that moment) but that one, (pointing at my North Face Ad on my table) will make you famous and will give you big money." Oh well, he is God damn right! If by fate I win, it will do give me fame and for sure the money will follow.

So as I count the days before the announcement of winners, I will pray that somehow my idea will be appreciated and will be considered brilliant by the juries at Cannes Lions Festival. I can't thank GOD enough for all the blessings he's giving me. I am amazed everyday about my life and how He works in mysterious ways. I often find myself teary eyed and smiling almost everyday as I see the sky blue during day and how stars glisten every night. I consider my life as a journey full of surprises and lessons that I never stop learning and growing. Now I just don't say I am learning and growing but I make it happen everyday. I will prove to the world that one can change and it's for the better.

Lets go for the GOLD!!!

joanie xxx

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