Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Jamie!

The man I call genius. The man with a big heart. The man with a restless soul. James Trevor Oliver turns 34 today. I know millions of British people love Jamie so much and I think billions of people in the planet embraced his existence. And I am one of those billions of people who got smitten by the one and only Naked Chef! My affliction to this guy started eight years ago, when I started watching Discovery Travel & Living. There I saw the Oliver Twist, Naked Chef, Return of The Naked Chef and Jamie's School Dinners. Through this channel I also witnessed how he celebrated his 30th birthday in Amalfi, Italy four years ago. Italian long table with cold cuts, wine and of course pasta! A traditional Italian feast. From there I also started appreciating Gennaro Contaldi, Jamie's mentor. The man who molded the man that I truly admire. Jamie often said he is an Italian by heart, from that context--I also told myself that I am not a Filipino by heart, I am an Italian-French-Spanish-Aussie-English (5 in 1) by heart and soul. My beliefs and dreams in life doesn't match my origin. But I will always be proud to be a Filipino in so many ways.

So year after year, I get to know Jamie better. I feel connected to him everyday of my life as I continue watching his shows like Jamie at HOME and Jamie's Ministry of Food series. He never fails to amaze me of his great work and kind heart. Now my day is not complete without Jamie webby window being open the whole day. His vision for people to learn how to cook and avoid take away food is the same sentiment I have here in my heart. I am not a big person like Jamie to make it happen today in my region. But as I travel and learn, I know one day I would be able to build my own tower out of my own effort. I will stand in my own feet, build it and hopefully people will not doubt my visions and dreams in life.

Thank you so much Jamie for being my one and only inspiration about my cooking passion. You made me proud of myself and you allowed me to Dream BIG! I wish you will inspire the whole planet as well as the entire galaxy! I also wish you good health and more love for your family.

With all my LOVE, Happy happy happy Birthday Jamie!

joanie xxx


Mr. PINKMOON said...

Just when I try to resist to make a single comment, I always fail!

You seem to admire a great man. I actually check out this man lately. Now I can grasp the similarities between the two of you.

I miss your post again.

Joan said...

Haha! I can't stop you e. Actually I don't mind at all. Just forget what I said before. Feel free to comment as often as you can.

I have a new post :-)