Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

( I lost this geeky eyeglasses during my trip at Melbourne, Victoria, AUS)

Compound myopic astigmatism. A vision defect called near sighted in layman’s term. Sadly I was diagnosed with this defect 6 years ago. Slowly my eyesight is deteriorating. I can’t see or read signs from a far. They appear blurry to me. Since that day I have to wear eyeglasses so that I can see objects from a distance clearly. But seeing objects close to me are fine. They are vivid and clear. Wearing my eyeglasses regularly makes my eyes feel so heavy. So I’d rather wear it when needed. Sometimes people see me on the streets without my eyeglasses they perceive me as a very snobbish person. Actually I am not.

Two weeks ago my Dad finally braved himself and went on an eye surgery because he has cataract on both eyes. Thank God it was a success. I always pray that his vision will be ok so that he can still see all my dreams come true. I always have been proud of my Daddy. The man with beard and mustache is the greatest influencer of my life because I inherited his talent and his philosophies in life. So now, unconsciously I tend to be prone to men with beard and mustache. I denied that for quite some time, but now based on my observation about realities of human subconscious mind, I think I agree. The subconscious mind takes up 88% of our brain's capacity, and could be compared to a massive computer system that stores all of the information regarding our location, situation, feelings etc. It controls our Autonomic Nervous System such as our heartbeat, breathing, organs and glands - in other words all of the things we do not have to think about. The subconscious mind has no reasoning power, and cannot reject anything that it is told. Now it makes sense right?

(With my Daddy and my niece Chelsea)

For other people my Dad is a good billiard and dart player (the Efren Bata Reyes among his peers), a chain smoker, a beer drinker, a good artist, a videoke singer wannabe and now a Grand Pa. I always respected him and will always be thankful how he raised me. He sent me to a good school and he’s always there to help me since I was this little girl. Up to these days He still helps me in many ways. I know I can never pay all the things He has done for me. What I can only do is to return the favor, now that I have all the blessings in life---it’s pay back time. Now that Dad is old and He can no longer treat me to good restaurants and buy cool stuff the way he did before, it’s my turn for me to do those things for him. Actually I’ve been doing that since I started earning and I intend to continue that as long as we both live.

No matter what, I will not exchange my Daddy to anybody. He’s unique in so many ways. And one great reason why I admire my Dad so much, the way he stood up beside my Mom in spite and despite. I think that’s Love. Now I am having my silly grin writing that sentence. To wrap things up, I will be proud to have my one and only Daddy in this little life that Joanie has.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy and to all the real father in the planet! :-)

joanie xxx


Mr. PINKMOON said...

Hello Joanie!
Happy Father's Day to your!

I know you're a good daughter, indeed. :-)

RJ said...

Daddy's girl? (,"o

(This post reminds me of my late father... Sigh!)

Joan said...

Thanks Pinkmoon :)

RJ, I must say YES! :p

Mr. Krenky said...

Whaaaa!? Joan..browsing on your blog..and saw a pic of your dad!? father mo ba si Sir Nestor? sya unang art director ko sa DYR vito cruz...Say Hi for me!

Joanie said...


Hi Lem!!! Yes he's my Dad! Akala ko alam mo na dati pa. Kasi nababanggit ka na nya dati pa sa akin. Magaling ka daw :)