Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy Feast Day!

It's been two months already since I arrived here in Saigon. My two months were not just about work but also about my cooking saga. I cook almost everyday and will usually go in the supermarket every weekend. It's pretty much rewarding to feed people and meet their satisfaction. I think I cooked dinner feast around four times. And one of those is cooking for some Aussie mates!

The Grilled Peppered-Paprika-Pork with Legumes

The Sagada Fried Rice that never fails to amaze hundreds of stomach

The dinner table awaits the guests. Mango & Shrimp Medley, Fusilli Pomodoro & Strawberry with Dark Chocolate awaits the grilled herb Moroccan Chicken!

Angel with Marcus & Adrian

Our Aussie guests, Marcus & Adrian. They are Angel's colleagues from her office. I'm a bit sad that my housemate will soon fly back to Manila to wait for her visa for another job. On the other hand I am glad because she introduced me to Marcus so I can have my future customer for the Artist Chef Saigon style. I am also happy to have known someone like Adrian, who helped us moved our stuffs out of the house without any reproach. And for his unexpected company in watching a teenybopper movie with me and Angel. Hope we can run soon around Phu My Hung. I am aiming for 5-10 kilometer run every weekend. But first of all I have to buy a new running shoes.

Joanie with Marcus & Adrian Ammendola

There are more dinner feasts to come for me to blog. I promise to blog more as often as I can. There's so much stories to share and needs to be written soon. I hope to find enough time for all those things. Like what I always tell to my Facebook fellas, Manila is just a keyboard away.

Warm hugs to all the ManileƱos who are experiencing a lot of bed weather :-)

joanie xxx


RJ said...

While I'm here working Down Under, Marcus and Adrian are in Vietnam! (What the hell are they doin' there, mate?!) Have you asked them what's wrong with their country?

I wanted to try your Sagada fried rice someday. U

Joan said...

Hehe! Marcus & Adrian are expats here. They work for an Australian Branding agency. They are both Designers!

Will let you taste my Sydney Fried Rice instead. Soon. Seriously. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow Artist Chef! nasa Vietnam ka na pala. Di na kasi ako nakakabasa ng blog mo for how many months. I'm coming home pa naman this september at gusto ko mag-dine. Sayang. I'm happy na din seeing you cooking for foreigners :)

-Mye Mye