Monday, August 30, 2010

Frozen Peach Torte Cake

G'day mates!

It's been a while since I had my last post. There are so many things that happened lately. I owe my blog a lot of postings--my Singapore & Manila trip to be specific. Since I would like to get rid of the Frozen Peach Torte recipe out of the way, I will blog the reason why I made this cake.

I just got back from my Manila trip last week and a lot of changes I have to deal with since I got back. First is my resignation at my old office and it's long overdue. I am now moving to a bigger ad agency, I anticipated the coming of this moment and it gives me a big smile now or perhaps a silly grin? Next will be my upcoming solo painting exhibition very soon. I would definitely post it here first so you guys can see it. Lastly, since I came back here in Saigon I am a bit worried about my Schengen visa whether I will have it or not. I already have my UK visa and once I get the Schengen it signals that my trip to UK-Europe is all set. Today I got the confirmation from the French Consulate here in Ho Chi Minh where I lodged my application 2 weeks ago. I got my visa approved!

The universe is indicating that stars are slowly aligning and I don't know which of the 88 constellations listed in our modern astronomy will form. It may be Cassiopeia of the Northern Sky? Or Big Dipper? Such a serendipity moment if that will happen and now I want to define again that it means fortunate accidents and lucky discoveries. Who knows what life brings? No body knows what lies ahead and we all wish that it would be good and happy.

Veering away from the stars and universe because it has nothing to do with my Peach Torte cake recipe. It was weeks ago when I decided to make a birthday cake, definitely not for my birthday because it's way too late to make one for myself. Although I really wanted to make myself a birthday cake last April with my favorite Matcha Chocolate Crepe Cake but I failed to do so. But August is the best month to make a great cake! I just concocted this one based on my favorite cake Mango Torte. I don't know how it was exactly made but I know some of the key ingredients. I know they have, cream, mangoes, graham crumbs cooked in butter. I replaced the mangoes to peaches and I added cream with vanilla jello pudding. It added a unique taste as compared to the normal Mango Torte. The best thing about the crust of my Peach Torte is the Weet Bix whole grain. This cool breakfast food is 100% made in Australia! What I did was, crushed it into granules and cooked it with butter, sugar and wine. The cake resulted so well especially when it's frozen. The whole thing is too big for me to finish by myself but I did finish it because I don't want some leftovers. I just have to make someone feel very guilty about this cake because he's from the other planet so this cake didn't climb on his list :D

( I really like this healthy brekky food )



• Thinly sliced peaches
• Nestle Cream
• French Whip Cream
• Jello Vanilla Pudding
• Milk/Vanilla syrup
• Cinnamon
• Wheet Bix Whole Grain (crushed)
• Brown Sugar
• Shiraz (red wine)
• Butter (of course)


Heat pan with butter and sugar. Allow sugar and butter to melt then add the Weet Bix granules. Fold it together then add a bit of shiraz. Ready your pyrex glass container and press the the mixture for the crust. Refrigerate it for a while while doing the cream. Mix milk and Jello Vanilla Pudding together until it thickens. Add the Nestle cream and heat them all together in a casserole then add cinnamon and vanilla syrup. Bring out the glass container with the crust the pour the cream mixture on to the crust then arrange the thinly sliced peaches on top. Lastly whip some cream on top and decorate it on your desired area. Then refrigerate it for 4-6 hours. Best served when frozen.

Hope you like this lil labor of love I did :-)

joanie xxx


Michael Toa said...

Good day to you Joanie! Sounds like you've been busy... I hope all is well.
When will you be arriving in the UK?
The torte cake looks really nice. :)
Have a great one. Michael

Joy said...

Hi Joanie, I am so glad everything is coming together for you!
Have a slice of that torte for me too please!

Joanie said...

THank you :) I will arrive most probably Oct 1. It's so near... and I feel that I am now cramming. Means I'll be seeing you soon?

I would love to meet you one day. Ms. Joy and your Yam Daisy. Thanks for your constant sweet wishes. I'd be in Australia sometime next year! Melbourne is definitely in my itinerary :D

RJ said...

I seldom eat Wheet Bix but with this torte, mapapakain na talaga ako ng grain-breakfast food na 'to. Whether mangoes or peaches, ayos lang sa akin.

Enjoy your trip to UK and to the parts of Europe! U

Mr. PINKMOON said...

Wow did u surpass your favorite Torte from Tony Cuerva? :D Seems yummy! Di ko pa din natikman luto mo up to now...sigh

Anonymous said...

I am lucky today to have stumbled on your Octoberfest post thing. I'd like to assume, I am the Melbourne dude who plays the harmonica player whom you talked to years ago in a closed convenience store in Toorak Road. That was late night mate!

So happy to read your blog and to get know u. Makes me believe in fate somehow. When you go back to Melbourne I'd love to bring you to any Darrel Lea close to where I live and I hoard all the coconut marshies for you. You addict! lol!

My name is Johnathan. Half Italian and Half Irish decent. But definitely an Aussie!

G'day sweetie ;)

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to ibyang's blog?
it's no longer in your link...why?
i love reading hers because i pick up a lot of good things from her posts. she writes really good!
good day from melbourne!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this cake! Thanks for sharing