Monday, November 15, 2010

My Authentic Ilocano Pinakbet

I was born with an Ilocana mother who hails from Northern part of Ilocos called Dingras and that's the reason why it enables me to cook most of the dishes from this region. Although I often hype my flagship claim to be a true blooded Kapangpangan (from Pampanga province) than its feud province Ilocos. The reason behind it is simply because Pampanga is the culinary capital of the Philippines and I am proud that it's where my father come from. Everyone believes that people who hail from that province are mostly natural cooks. I can attest to that because most of my aunts are really good especially my GrandMother from the father side where I learned my basic of cooking skills.

But Ilocano cuisine is something that I also grew up with and my GrandMother from my mother side cooks the perfect Pinakbet! I remember I was only five years old when I first and last came to Dingras. Even though I was a little child during that time I had a vivid memory about the things I saw and experienced. I saw the backyard of my GrandMa filled with all the planted vegetables that are mainly the key ingredients to cook a Pinakbet. I am just happy to do this dish based on what are the available ingredients here in Vietnam.

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