Friday, February 25, 2011

Cherry Tomatoes in Chicken Curry

I haven't cooked chicken curry for a while. Just today I remember my friend Danny Mc Cubbin ( editor) because of the chicken curry he prepared the time I was visiting his office in London. I made a chicken curry last night and I added cherry tomatoes for the little sweet and sour kick. I think this one will do justice to a curry recipe as compared to my previous post, which I deleted. The reason why I deleted it? It's because the photography was really bad. Now with my new DSLR I can do more decent food photos.

A lot of things are happening lately in my life. Aside from my regular job as an art director from Mondays thru Fridays, now I also work as Chef during the weekend in a small cafe called GEISHA. I am also progressing with regards to my future culinary course in Italy. I found my school already and now I'm just doing some house hunting in Firenze and some restaurant internship. Then later on I have to apply for my student's visa in Italy. I will probably get another UK visa so I can visit the JamieOliver online team and some friends I gained in London and Liverpool. Since I will be there on that other side of the planet around yuletide season, I hope my student's visa will be the same as Schengen so I can travel around Europe aside from Italy. I am excited to see snow... I have travelled a lot already but I haven't seen one in my life :)



• Chicken Breast Fillet
• Curry Paste/Powder
• Turmeric
• Cumin
• Paprika
• Salt / Pepper
• Sugar
• Cherry Tomatoes
• Coriander
• Sweet Basil Leaves
• Onions and Garlic (Minced)
• Ginger (Grated)
• Coconut Milk
• Olive Oil
• Butter (of course)


Heat pan in medium temperature then add butter and olive oil. Put garlic, onions and ginger then saute all together. Add chicken and fry it until it gets a little brown. Add curry paste or powder along with other spices. Stir-fry the chicken with cherry tomatoes then add salt, pepper and sugar. Add coconut milk with little water. Simmer for 8-10 minutes. Add coriander and basil leaves and simmer for another minutes until the sauce evaporate and thicken. Turn off the heat and serve over Thai Jasmine rice then top it with yoghurt.

Hope all of my mates will like this one...

big hug,
joanie xxx


Michael Toa said...

Hi Joanie. The curry looks so delicious. Very nice picture, as usual.
When are you coming back to the UK? (please don't say September/October) I'd love to meet you, perhaps cook together as well, that'll be really fun.
Culinary course in Italy would be awesome.
Have a great weekend :)

Joy said...

What an exciting post! Hooray for your new job! One step closer to your goal!
Cheers Joanie!

Joanie said...

I am tentatively thinking of either November or December. My schooling at Italy ends on November. Maybe it's nice to visit London on Christmas so I can see snow :)

Thanks for your kind remarks joy. Each day I am one closer to my Italian journey as I have this new cooking job :)

RJ said...

I haven't seen the snow, as well! Huhmn, kailan kaya?

Good luck Joanie.

I am happy that our product (chicken) is the main ingradient featured in this post.

pierre said...

in france cherry tomates have a lot taste more than the standard tomatoes !!pierre

pierre said...

love the cheery tomatoes !!Pierre de Paris

Joanie said...

Diba may snowy mountain naman dyan sa oz? I am a big fan of chook. I have a lot of recipes that uses them :)

Debbie Martin said...

The recipe with spice is back! Glad to hear you are working in a cafe now. I bet the presence of herbs & spices :)

Joanie said...

Hi Chef PIERRE...
I definitely agree with you regarding the cherry tomatoes. I've seen them when I was in Paris. I plan to have a cooking stint in Paris... I'll let you know my plan.

You're back! Oh yeah. Just today I made some arrangement on the little ramekins where I placed all the herbs and spices :)

RJ said...

Yes, but I haven't been to Thredbo nor in Mt Buller!

See you in Europe. o",)

Joanie said...

You are coming to Europe RJ? That would really be amazing... I can guarantee you! Come see those snowy mountains... though I myself haven't seen those as well :p

Anonymous said...

I love curry that is flavored with tomatoes. Delicious.

Joanie said...

Thanks Ellie and Congrats for all the good news that happened to you :)